The big flip flop

To the Editor:

Remember when being labeled “a flip flopper” signaled the end of a political career? Gone are those good old days. Now we have a chief executive who flip flops on a daily basis and no one seems surprised by it.

It appears that his flip flops occur based on the beliefs of the person/s with whom he has most recently conversed. He quickly tweets the polar opposite of what he tweeted the day before. One of the only issues he hasn’t changed his mind about is tax cuts for the wealthy. Is this the way to lead a country?

I await the sequel to The Art of The Deal, titled The Art of The Flip Flop.

Cris Barsanti


Schools don’t need hardening

To the Editor:

Our schools are having to deal with bullying and how to teach kindness, so I hardly think “hardening” our schools is the answer to gun violence. Consider the success of the dog training and the wild pony rescue programs in our prisons, and one would have to conclude that identifying and treating the emotional problems of our troubled youth, and giving them hope in place of despair might be the answer.

Our county mental health has a program aimed at serving at risk youth, and I would love to hear the success rate of this program, and what problems need to be dealt with if there are failures. No, armed camps and “hardening is not what we need in our schools.

Myrna Doering


Independent voters need to wake up

To the Editor:

As well as a Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else. The June Primary is no longer an election limited to party members to choose party candidates in the November election. Proposition 14 passed in 2010 changed everything. Now everyone gets to vote for anyone they want in the June Primary. It’s called a “top two” primary system. No party affiliation is required. Democrats can vote for Republicans or anyone and vice versa. Then the top two candidates go on to the November election. The possibility exists that the top two candidates could be from the same party. Realistically this system somewhat disenfranchises the voter who passes on the June vote hoping to choose a candidate of their choice or at least their political party’s choice in November. That candidate might not make it. So the smart thing to do is vote in June.

Take the race for the Congressional 4th District. Tom McClintock , a Republican, has held this seat since 2009. Much of his district has a Republican majority. McClintock is not a shoe in. He leans far to the right with policy that has alienated even some Republicans. He has done little to address local issues and is one of the few representatives who does not live in their district. His website totally avoids mention of national security, foreign policy, and women’s rights. He advocates economic policy historically proven disastrous. The result is that McClintock now has several members of his own Republican Party running against him. As well as at least two strong Democratic Party candidates. But unless there is strong voter turnout for the June election they might not have much choice to change things come November. And the choice of independent voters in June could well determine the final outcome in November.

Ed Fernandez


Conspiracy that doesn’t exist

To the Editor:

One of the latest entries to the Opinion page rehashes the tired cliché that “They’re coming for your guns.” The argument states that the early patriots feared the British were coming to put down any rebellion by confiscating guns that could be used against them. That much is true. The Second Amendment to the Constitution was added to protect citizens’ right to keep arms, especially for local militias who might have to defend their towns as they had done during the Revolutionary War.

We as a nation have become a long way since those days of insecurity and invasion by the armies of England. The last invasion by the British was by the Beatles back in the 1960s.

The writer echoing the paranoid fear of many in the land, believe that there will be a future date where the “government” will exert never ending control of the populace and like some other countries, come under domination of dictatorship that can’t be defeated because the peasants don’t have anything to fight back with other than pitchforks and rocks.

It is this paranoid conspiracy thinking that the government is the enemy and “we have to be ready for them,” that prevents rational solutions that are like death to the NRA and supporters, that keeps us on a continual loop of mass killings.

Another document we revere states in part, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” The Second Amendment author(s) could never have envisioned our present day with lethal weapons whose genesis were weapons meant for war that could also become tools in the wrong hands to kill innocents as quickly as possible.

Those latest victims of mass killings deserved, as we all do, to live under the promise of the Declaration of “Life.”

Wayne Kirkbride

Twain Harte

Democrats had their cheaters too

To the Editor:

RE: The letter titled Trump and women: I only have to write some familiar names in my letter. Bill Clinton, we all remember his women. Our beloved John F. Kennedy, many, many women. He is still beloved today. Ted Kennedy, Chappaquiddick, where a girl was left to die. Dems don’t talk about that. Mrs. Roosevelt had a mistress. There are too many to name. So if you are going to cast the stone at one, cast to all. Of course the President Trump haters will never agree. Still crying are you?

Linda Meyer