Enforce gun laws

To the Editor:

I am not an NRA member and never have been, I dislike big money lobbies, but I was a federally licensed firearms dealer for 18 years and I have one suggestion for those wishing to change gun control laws. First read, learn and understand all the firearm laws on the books.

I think you will find we don’t need anymore, all we need to do is have the FBI, DOJ, ATF and local police to do their jobs and enforce the ones that we already have. That will go a long long way to solving our problems. After you know what the laws are, then you may make intelligent specific suggestions on how to change the laws.

Randy Villata

Twain Harte

Change cold weather shelter policy

To the Editor:

I am in absolute shock and I hope many others are also, with the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors decision not make shelter provisions for the homeless. Due to the excuse that over three years ago, an ordinance requires temperatures at night to be 15 degrees or colder and no more than 32 degrees during the day for three straight nights before shelters are provided.

Shame on you, where is your conscious? How would you feel if you had no warm clean clothes, no warm meals, no warm bed to sleep in? People could freeze to death and it will be on your conscience. Many homeless are veterans, who fought for you to enjoy the comforts that you have. Many homeless are children. Ordinances can to be updated.

The fairgrounds would be a perfect place to provide shelter. Don’t use the excuse that it would be to costly. When those who are provided shelter should be assigned jobs, for setup, clean up, plus whatever else they can do to help keep costs down.

The homeless problem is not going to go away. It is way past time to deal with it.

Kudos to Dick and Hazel Mitchell for their work with the homeless, including the upcoming GSAC portable shower bus.

Beautifying Sonora plans are in the works. A Dragoon Gulch Trail was funded for expansion, that may come from another source, I don’t know. However, we seem to have our priorities out of whack. We as the public expect more from our Supervisors and City Council, you are failing to take care of the citizens of Tuolumne County. Stop kicking the can down the road, stop dragging your feet, man up and take action. Now.

Ruth Walter


Pistol packin’ teachers

To the Editor:

The front page piece on Feb. 28 about whether teachers should be allowed to be armed caught my attention. I was surprised that so many administrators are against it.

Certainly there shouldn’t be a requirement but if a teacher was so inclined, and had the proper training, I would think that would be a good thing. I know that if I were a teacher I’d want the option. In today’s climate, the thought of being a sitting duck doesn’t appeal to me. I’d like a fighting chance.

Even if no one wanted to be packin’ just the idea that there could be some resistance would seem to be some deterrent to a potential attacker. To proudly proclaim that you are unarmed and that our beloved children are at your mercy seems a little insane to me.

Try getting into any government buildings, entertainment venue, corporate buildings or airport without going through security and having armed guards standing watch. But somehow leaving our children vulnerable to the whims of mad men is beyond our abilities to correct.

We must harden our schools now.

John Harless


Reasons to buy an AR-15

To the Editor:

All this talk about AR-15s has got me thinking and wondering why I would buy one.

Maybe I could wipe out a whole herd of deer in a few seconds.

Maybe I could kill a flock of geese or ducks lickity split.

Maybe if I was a guy and had some self esteem issues, I would feel more confident with an AR-15 by my side.

And then there is the number one reason to own an AR-15, protection.

What if a whole bunch of people came to my home all at once and threatened me? I could mow them all down in a nanosecond and be done with ‘em.

Maybe the AR-15 would make me feel powerful and a little braver than I really am.

It’s my right.

E. Owen


Buy more guns

To the Editor:

The NRA is essentially an arms dealer that is indiscriminately providing assault weaponry to disturbed young people within our society, so as to create the need for more weapons to be purchased in order for people to feel safe in a society where the NRA is manufacturing and distributing assault weapons for disturbed young people. This is even the solution proposed by our president — more people should buy guns.

In addition, the NRA is paying Republican politicians to block any legislation to ban assault rifles because the NRA wants to protect their biggest market for gun purchases — young disturbed people.

Businesses have to stop providing any kind of discounts for NRA members. And we need to clean house in the government and identify how much money the NRA is contributing to Republican politicians, (with those amounts of NRA contributions, tattooed on the Republican politicians forehead) for some form of mass advertisement to the public that these politicians are a contributing member of domestic terrorism in our country, because they wont help to stop it.

Doris Grinn

Mi-Wuk Village