Guns are the wrong target

To the Editor:

In the aftermath of the Florida high school shooting, the hand-wringing gun grabbers are at it again. They are wasting no time in exploiting the deaths of innocent people by pointing their finger at guns as the cause of the carnage and wanting to ban them.

The gun grabbers are dead wrong and anybody who continues to place the blame on guns, instead of attacking the real cause of these mass shootings, has blood on their hands from every mass shooting since Columbine.

Why? Because whenever you are trying to correct a bad statistic, you must analyze all of the factors that may be causing the unacceptable problem you are trying to correct. Only one is the right target, and when attacked, will cause an immediate correction of the problem.

Evidence proves guns are the wrong target is found in areas where law abiding, responsible citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons. In those areas where guns are the least restricted we see the statistic of murder and violent crime has dropped significantly.

Also recognizing that after the Columbine shootings that every mass shooting since the shooter has been under psychiatric care, taking these powerful, mind-altering drugs that are scientifically proven to create homicidal and suicidal urges in those being prescribed these drugs.

Ban the prescription and distribution of these strong, mind-altering drugs. Of course to do so, would take multi-billions of dollars in ridiculous profits from the pharmaceutical companies who through their relentless “lobbying” in Washington, D.C., have managed to not only stay in business when all evidence points at their product as the root cause of these mass shootings.

Make our schools a hard target by allowing law abiding, responsible citizens to carry concealed weapons on our school grounds.

Darryl Bramlette