The gun control debate

To the Editor:

What happened in Florida last Wednesday was pure evil and so sad, but why are people blaming guns? Did the gun somehow grow arms, legs, and a brain and was able to pull its own trigger? Why are they not blaming the shooter?

I am a proud gun owner. I have a brain. My gun, which is only a tool, does not. I choose what to do with my gun.

I was raised not to hurt people unless in self defense. My mom taught me to help people and to do what is right and when I crossed the line I was disciplined, which I needed and I got back in line. I willingly choose to do what is right, and that is the point every person has a choice to do good or evil. The person in Florida chose evil. We need to start blaming the people who commit crimes and the awful things they do instead of blaming the tool, whatever it may be – knife, ball bat, screwdriver.

I own a gun for hunting, self defense, and to make a stance against the government if they tread on our rights and get rid of the Constitution of the United States of America. The 2nd Amendment states that we have the right to keep and bear arms as American citizens, which shall not be infringed upon and if so then we as citizens should rise up and defend our God given rights this nation was founded upon.

Getting rid of the AR-15 is not the answer nor is getting rid of all guns. The answer is up to each person. The AR-15 is a semi-auto rifle, which means it fires one bullet at a time. It is not like a machine gun, which fires multiple bullets at once.

Stop blaming guns and blame the evil person and the downfall of morals.

Travis C. Finney

Twain Harte