Oregon has the right idea on pot

To the Editor:

What a shame that the supervisors have opened up this very poor county for major lawsuits when it sold permits to growers — if the supervisors had an inch of real business acumen they would do what Oregon did. Oregon is collecting millions of tax dollars on their cannabis sales all for the good of the citizens.

All of these supervisors should be held personally accountable for the losses this poor county is going to face in the future. How did these morons ever get elected in the first place?

It’s obvious that they don’t really care about funding education or services for the poor but just dirty money in their own pockets — most citizens are sick of the corruption that has permeated this country and here in our small community we had an opportunity to lead the way to careful regulation of a very profitable agriculture product. Pot is here to stay, and making it legal and safe in our county will bring a positive financial resource.

If these supervisors are too stupid to come up with the regulations needed, then get them from Oregon where it’s working beautifully.

So where are the refunds to the growers going to come from? I think they should come from the supervisors deep pockets.

Donnasue Jacobi

San Andreas

Stop naming murderers

To the Editor:

I remember when we had people that were called “copycats,” from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge to streaking at sport events. We even had copycat rapists and bank robberies..

So my common sense says, quit giving these kids their limelight and don’t even mention their names except for the hell the victims families and his/her family have to go through.

Mike Hesseltine


Let’s think about Americans

To the Editor:

Here we go again. The bleeding heart liberals are at it again. In response to Ann Leonard and her guest opinion, is it ever possible for liberals to be realistic? I think not.

Democrats have created this mess and think all of America should go along with them.

They have a lot to say about these Dreamers and DACAs, but — and this is a really big but — they do nothing to help them. What do they give to them financially?

They are continuously preaching to us: do this, do that, for the DACAs. What do they do for the American dreamers? If they think Shakespeare has all the facts, they don’t really know Shakespeare very well.

Here are the really true facts about Dreamers and DACAs. They need to go back to their own country and use their talents to make their countries stronger and a better place to make a home.

America cannot afford Democratic shots to the American way of life just because Democrats think it is something they want. They talk about liberal immigration, think how we got into this mess.

Americans are sick and tired of their bleeding heart. Why don’t they do a little bleeding for their countrymen?

The whole idea came from Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, C. Schumer and their like, who did this all in the hope that they would have their votes. Is this Democracy? Do Democrats not care about the two party system? The two party system is imperative to the strength of our Democratic republic.

Shame, shame, shame.

Think about America first. Read John Watson’s letter about voting and that right.

God bless President Trump, God bless Vice President Pence … and God bless America.

Connie Dresbach