Repeal the cannabis ban

To the Editor:

Recently the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution supporting Kindness Week. This is a good thing.

However, at a previous meeting, they passed a ban on commercial cannabis farming. Also, they stopped the proposal to let the public express their opinion.

To me, although I don’t like cannabis, it seems that threatening an estimated 1,000 to 1,500 peaceful farmers who contribute to a large portion of our economy does not seem consistent with kindness week.

What would be best now? Perhaps the county should repeal the ban and allow the extensive state cannabis regulations to work. Growers would still be subject to the county land-use regulations and would need to obtain a business license in order to apply for the state permit.

Perhaps, it is not too late to be kind.

Albert J. Segalla


Voting makes a difference

To the Editor:

One way to influence the 2018 election is to encourage people to vote. A large turnout of disaffected voters could determine the result. I suggest that if you want to help to make a difference, you could be ready to share some ideas and facts about registering with those who might be interested. The official website provided by the Secretary of State,, has a page of “Frequently Asked Questions” with basic information, and also a pdf, ”Guide to Voter Registration Drives,” that has more extensive detail. Election law in California encourages participation and makes the process of registering to vote easy and readily available in person, by mail, or online.

The County Elections Office at 2 South Green Street is in the building next door to the old courthouse in downtown Sonora. As soon as you walk in, you see the “Elections” sign straight ahead. You can register there or re-register if you have a change of name or address. You can call them at 209-533-5570 to request a mail-in application or to ask a question. Also, mail-in applications are usually available at the Tuolumne County Library.

I keep thinking about the times I’ve heard someone say, “Social Security won’t be there when I’m old enough to retire.” There are candidates for Congress who know how to make sure that doesn’t happen, so from now on, I’m going to diplomatically suggest that registering to vote and voting for those people is a better way to go than just complaining. This is the truth we should be telling about a lot of issues, especially now, when the differences are clear and the risks are so great. You are not alone. Let’s work together on this.

John Watson


The Feinstein fiasco

To the Editor:

The senator is proposing legislation costing billions to remove dead trees from the forest.

I have one question: Why weren’t these trees removed when they were green and worth millions?

Seems kind if backwards to me.

I hope she clarifies whether you can cut a tree over 21 feet in diameter when it’s dead, because you can’t cut it when it’s green.

She talks of better forest management. What about removing the same amount it produces each year?

Gee, this would keep the mills running and reduce our dependence on Canada for lumber.

In past years, each district on the Stanislaus had a timber management officer and support staff, as well as the same in the forest supervisor’s office.

Now we have people counting 50-year-old PBR cans and spotted owl hooters, walking the forest, hooting.

For this we have the environmentalists to thank.

Tom Gookin