Oh, to be presidential

To the Editor:

How ironic that Trump and the so-called “law and order party” are doing everything possible to discredit and undermine the FBI in order to protect themselves from the possible outcome of the investigation into Russian collusion. And doubly ironic since most FBI agents are Republicans and their investigation of Clinton’s emails helped Trump get elected. Every day millions of military and civilians report to work to take care of this country and they get the job done regardless of political affiliation. The same is true of the FBI and CIA and we need to safeguard their independence when they investigate politicians.

As long as I can remember the Russians, formerly the USSR, have been the enemies of free societies everywhere and most especially this country. Since the breakup up the USSR they have repeatedly shown themselves to be the same old scheming bunch of criminals wearing a different costume. If any Americans have encouraged Russia to meddle in our elections I think we all should know about it. Trump and his minions need to stop trying to weaken this investigation and the House Intelligence Committee needs to stop letting politics interfere with doing their job. Congress should be more concerned with how to protect us from Russian meddling.

President Reagan did not interfere with the Iran-Contra investigation during his term, even though it struck close to home. The present occupant could take a lesson from him in how to be presidential, in his case a hard task but not impossible.

Thomas Beck


Letter to human beings

To the Editor:

How difficult is it to do the right thing, that which is fair and equitable for all? Congress??

How difficult is it;

to be kind and courteous to one another?

to be good stewards of the earth?

to expect equal pay for equal work?

to live and let live if it causes no harm?

to help the less fortunate?

to mind your own manners instead of everyone else’s?

to be the kindest, most evolved human beings ever?

We are all The Masters of our own little universe, but we have to share it with everyone else. So despite our differences, our two-bit opinions, our religious beliefs, or not, our age, sex, preferences, or lifestyle, if we are to survive as a species we must embrace a simple truth. How easy would it be to live by “The Golden Rule,” that “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Common sense. Simple concept right?

So why is it then that in 2018 we still haven’t stopped the raping, pillaging, murder, mayhem, stealing and lying from the lowest to the highest order? Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. Most disturbing are the narcissistic demagogues who think they are God, and just might blow up our world.

Mahatma Gandhi spoke of satyagraha (Sanskrit) which is translated as “insistence on truth,” (satya “truth” agraha “insistence”) or “truth force.”

The truth will prevail but will we?

Thank you Mahatma, and may the force be with you.

And so with all of you.

J.J. Jennings