Could Trump get clearance?

To the Editor:

I worked for both the DOD/Navy Department and the DOT/FAA (Air Traffic Control). In both of these jobs it was mandatory to have security clearances. I had them all — classified, secret, top secret and one other. I held these clearances (off and on) for 30 years. My access included Strategic Air Command (SAC) Missions, navigational and missile guidance systems, U2 and SR71 surveillance flights, etc.

For each of these clearance levels there were many hurdles, all involved, had to clear. They included the SF-86 and other forms, fingerprints, photographs and several interviews.

But that was just the beginning, and to get to the top level you would have your parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, and former employers interviewed.

Then there is your driving record, legal/arrest records, loans and other financial interests put under close scrutiny. A single oversight, unanswered question, or document not provided, usually meant you did not get the required security clearance and the job you wanted.

It’s called “extreme vetting?”

Now someone at White House level requires at least a secret and, in most cases, top secret or higher. The recent negligence we have seen from the Trump administration is placing our country in a precarious position and your family in grave danger.

Remember, 9/11 might have been avoided had George W. Bush paid closer attention to one “required” security briefing. Now we find out Trump does not bother to read any of them. We are just one overlooked security briefing away from another 9/11.

Bottom line: Donald “The John” Trump could not get a security clearance to scrub floors in the White House.

Quickies — Trump’s first year gives us a trillion dollars more in debt. Fredo not boasting that DJIA is now hundreds of points below Trumponomics 12-22-17 starting date. You are paying for a wall, not Mexico.

Domenic Torchia