Support when needed

To the Editor:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the angels from Adventist hospice and comfort care for their generous support during this difficult time. They not only cared for my husband, Gary, but they cared for me so much throughout his passing. These angels are a godsend in our community and I am so grateful, especially to Donnie Hall, who never left my side. They are all true angels.

Helen Keller and family


Critics have the wrong person

To the Editor:

Folks writing to the Editor claiming Carmen Perez, speaker for this year’s excellent Martin Luther King Jr. program, promotes Sharia law need to take a look a They have mistakenly targeted the wrong co-leader of the historic 2017 Women’s March. The co-leader who was so accused, Linda Sarsour, has never tried “to teach and preach Sharia law.” She tweeted about her life as a Palestinian-American and social media just took off from there. The most fevered, false accusations against her were posted — of course — on Facebook and Twitter, where facts go to die. The accusations have been denied by Sarsour and she has engaged in exactly zero subversive activities other than voting for John Kerry in 2004 instead of George W Bush.

In any event, what does this have to do with Carmen Perez? Nothing. Ms Perez gave an inspiring speech about listening to all sides of issues even though she had to know of the false accusations being spouted before she spoke.

Snopes is a great website for actual facts that unravel the craziness being bandied about by right and left alike. There is much more on the right thanks to Fox News, where facts never existed. Sad.

Beetle Barbour


Federal deficit is a concern

To the Editor:

Are we all complicit? If you question our Congress individually they all say the federal deficit is a very serious concern. However as a body they show no concern.

My children and for sure my grandchildren are going to pay big time. Voters, you and me, must scream to high heavens for our representatives “change your behavior or we will vote you all out”. If we do not, then we are complicit.

John Quartarolo