Trump wins medical Superbowl

To the Editor:

Recently our president underwent a complete physical exam by a highly regarded Navy doctor, Ronny Jackson, who reported the president’s overall health is “excellent” and would remain healthy for the duration of his presidency.

Furthermore, the President requested that he receive a cognitive assessment test because of questions regarding his mental health. The doctor reported he did “extremely well” receiving a perfect score. The doctor also stated that our leader has “incredible good genes and that’s just the way God made him.”

As reported on the front page of The Union Democrat the only negative was he was “overweight and needs more exercise” which I daresay is applicable to half our population.

For those of you who missed the doctor report on TV you missed a good show. For 55 minutes the 50 or so press members had their guns loaded and in attack mode. Some examples of the questions; medicines he takes, his weight problem, he slurs when he speaks, his belt size, his eating habits etc. etc. …

When watching the TV scan the room of reporters it was obvious from the barrage of questions and their body language that the press was desperate for something bad to happen. They were like vultures hoping and praying that the doctor would throw them a carrot to run with, but it never happened. If the findings were cancer, brain tumor or heart failure they would adjourn to the nearest bar to celebrate.

Isn’t it sad and pathetic the hate that permeates these people? Not one of them had the guts to say “ Mr. President, I’m happy that you are in good health.”

Richard Anderson

Twain Harte

Let’s find a more appropriate speaker

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Steve Ralston (letter Jan. 27) for keeping a very important and timely issue alive in our community, the choice of a speaker who most aligns most with the Reverend Martin Luther King’s ideologies. Although I am sure it was disheartening to discover who Carmen Perez is associated with, be assured our writers and researchers thoroughly researched who Ms. Perez is and what she stands for.

However, much research was not needed since her posters, which were blanketed all over town, showed her image over the Communist rising sun.

Bringing in a speaker who has alliances with people who promote Sharia Law (Linda Sarsour) and Communism will, in fact, raise the ire of local citizens who question the wisdom of promoting such an individual to our children, under the pretense of promoting love.

Liberty Institute USA would like to align with the MLK committee next year to truly honor the Reverend King and find ways to bring in a real social justice warrior, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali questions the women’s march and its neglect of defending true victims of oppression such as Asia Bibi, Meriam Ibrahim, the woman who escaped a death sentence for apostasy in Sudan, the 270 plus girls who were kidnapped in Boko Haram, or the Yazidi women who are subjected to slavery.

The ideology of victimology is not the idea of America, nor an idea that the reverend would have applauded. The American idea is one of the strength and power of the individual, not the group.

Suzanne Cruz


The bitter fruit of McClintock’s tax reform

To the Editor:

This week, MyMotherLode featured Tom McClintock’s floor speech praising the “fruits of the tax reform.”

He challenged us to ask ourselves, “Are we better off today than we were four years ago?”

So here goes. According to McClintock’s recommended online calculator, my taxes drop $561. But changes in the tax bill increase my health insurance 10 percent. That wipes out my tax cut and then some.

McClintock’s tax bill also adopts a new formula for calculating inflation that will steadily increase taxes and cut Social Security benefits. By lowering the inflation adjustment each year, the bill will gradually bump working people into higher tax brackets. Worse yet, it will reduce the cost-of-living increases for Social Security, causing payments to fall farther behind the actual cost of living.

But that’s just the start.

AARP warns, “With an estimated cost of nearly $1.5 trillion … the tax overhaul would trigger automatic spending cuts to key programs mandated by the 2010 “pay-as-you-go” law, including $25 billion to Medicare in 2018 alone.”

Republicans are already pushing for huge additional cuts – in part to reduce the deficit their own tax cuts created.

Their 2018 budget outline calls for $1.8 trillion in healthcare cuts, including $500 billion in cuts to Medicare, over the next 10 years. This means higher premiums and lower provider reimbursements.

With reduced income and increased medical costs, seniors will need programs like SNAP and Meals on Wheels more than ever. But this funding may also be cut. Charities will have less money to fill the void, as the new tax laws make charitable giving less attractive.

So, the answer to McClintock’s question is that the future looks much more uncertain for the almost one-third of his constituents in Tuolumne County who, like me, are over 60.

Nan Fuller


Regulate cannabis

To the Editor:

At 88 years of age I may be one of only a few who still remember the Good Old Days. When Frog Jump meant that for the whole week of the fair the Angels Camp downtown merchants dressed in period costumes. Every store window was decorated in the theme of the fair, each one trying to outdo the nest.

There was a horse in every back yard and hundreds of kids from all over came to the Calaveras Saddle Club’s two-day Junior Rodeo each year. This was cattle country and at least two cattle drives ran right through downtown Angels Camp.

But, ladies and gentlemen, those days are gone and cannabis is here. It is already being used medicinally. Quit stubbing your toe. Set the regulations and get on with it.

Jackie Heintz

Angels Camp

Call the Tip Line

To the Editor:

On Jan. 10, a deer wandered into our front yard. It looked like it was either ill or had been hit by a car. The first call my son made was to the State Fish and Wildlife agency. He was told that there was nothing they could do; just let the deer die and then bury him in the backyard.

Then he called rescue agencies in Jackson and Tuolumne County to see if they could pick up the adult deer. My son was told that they only rescue fawns. He also called Calaveras County Animal Control and was told they could do nothing. None of these agencies would or could help us with the problem.

When I got home, I called State Fish and Wildlife and asked to speak to a game warden. I was told to call the California Tip Line. My son called and spoke to a dispatcher. He would have the game warden call us. He called and my son explained the situation to him. About an hour later, he showed up, examined the deer, decided that he was suffering and needed to be mercifully put down, which he did.

The entire situation took about four hours to solve during which time the deer was suffering.

The moral to this story is that no one in three counties could help; they did not have the number for the Tip Line. I suggest to everyone that if a situation like this happens to you to call the Tip Line, bypass any agency or rescue group.

The counties that were called should be ashamed they did not have the number to give out. Living in a rural county, this situation happens more often than realized. Every citizen, county office and rescue group should have the California Tip Line number, 1-888-334-2258.

Marlene Settle

Valley Springs