Trump is Right

To the Editor:

A fence between keeps the friendship green — and you safe.

Walk through their neighborhood at night to see if you make it. If that thought scares you then play it safe and build the wall. Otherwise the same people who ruined their own country will come here and ruin yours — or worse … If you know what I mean.

Doug Gravelle


No to Vision Sonora

To the Editor:

Vision Sonora is a joke. I personally don’t understand why anyone would put a new park or whatever in front or next to one of our most popular historic sites, the Red Church. Leave it alone. Keep Sonora the way it is. The old town feel is why people come here.

Jon Wright


Community comes through

To the Editor:

Tuolumne County has come through again with coats and cash to help Interfaith help others.

It was amazing. We were in desperate need and you were there. Interfaith runs on donations and some grants.

To those of you who donate monthly, you get us through some really rough spots during the year.

A special thank you to Chicken Ranch Casino for their very generous donation of matching funds and Clark Broadcasting for hosting the cash drive.

Tony and Carole Reyes

Wednesday volunteers

A fine mess

To the Editor:

Conservatives like to portray liberal Americans as envious of the rich, a victimization myth. Typically, we admire success; don’t begrudge people their fair rewards. What got Trump elected was the overwhelming sense of unfairness. The fact, yes, fact, of a widening income gap, the wealth gap, “huge.”

“A Fine Mess” by T.R. Reid examines tax systems in other countries. Hillary Clinton said “We’re not Denmark.” Danes do pay the most, 49.6 percent, to provide everybody with quality healthcare and free university, happily so. (Add those benefits to our rate. We’re probably close.) With stellar infrastructure, energy independence with renewables, Denmark merits attention and admiration.

Trump promised voters, justifiably unhappy, escape from the “horrible” America he caricatured - and won. Now, the curtain is lifted, reality revealed: a tax heist transferring wealth to the already wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt. Short-term stimulus, doubtful, mortgaging America’s future, certain.

Next step, threaten bankruptcy. (Trump is good at bankruptcy.) Gut Medicare, Social Security and other “entitlements” people spent lifetimes paying into. This heartless Republican scam is worth billions to Trump and sponsors, specifically favoring real-estate developers. Inheritance tax (Republican “Death Tax”) - gone.

April 16 is approaching — 70,000 pages of special favors for people with tax attorneys, a pain for everyone else. Danes receive something like “According to our records, you owe $3.55” on their computers. “If you agree, press OK.” Done. Their tax service, (as does ours) knows what you earned and what you owe.

Denmark is one of many countries with similar tax payment systems. A recurring Republican proposal: a simple, but regressive “flat tax.” Trump and his butler pay the same rate. Really?

We need true tax reform, think pre-Reagan, pre-Citizens United. Perhaps look what other countries do, what we used to do. Clean up this mess.

Paolo Maffei


MLK celebration

To the Editor:

Born Michael King, we love the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. To honor his life is to honor facts about his life, he was Republican, a Christian, very pro-life and united people, just ask Alveda King. This past weekend “Celebration” of King by Socialist Democrats, was a masquerade by pro-abortionists with presentations by Islamists and that is why local citizens protested it.

Community members would have been fine with it if was an honest essay contest and people singing Kumbaya and celebrating the reverend, but it was not. Because it had nothing to do with the reverend, responsible citizen protesters shone a light on the facts.

First, you are who you run with. Carmen Perez, the speaker for the day, is the right-hand woman of Women’s March organizer and leftist darling Linda Sarsour, member of ISNA, yeah, that one, the one who called for a “jihad” against President Trump. ISNA and CAIR were listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, with significant links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Second, Perez had been heavily mentored in her own words by people such as singer Harry Bellafonte who was deep friends of Hugo Chavez, who turned economically vibrant free market Venezuela into a Socialist cesspool where people are starving today forced to eat their own dogs

Hugo had many Hollywood admirers not because they knew anything about economics but simply because Hugo was the world most visible opponent of the U.S. and President Bush. Being against America is an elitist Hollywood thing you know. Hugo admired many Imperialists such as himself, Castro and the chemical agent killing Bashar al-Assad.

In the future, all we ask is that you be honest with your “celebrations,” and not defame our beloved Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. because Sunday he was surely turning over in his grave.

Richard T. Todd