Trump was right

To the Editor:

Re: Letter dated Jan. 17 “Trump’s comments are appalling.”

Regarding Trump’s purported comment — it was about certain countries, not people.

Those countries are not (****holes), as Trump may have stated, because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion, and broken culture.

If Trump did use that word, he certainly could have phrased his criticism of those countries in a more presidential way, but the facts are the facts, and he’s absolutely correct, even if he was not particularly witty or graceful as Ronald Reagan might have been.

As for the possible “blue” language (in a private closed-door meeting): It’s no big deal; compare his language to those of LBJ, JFK, Truman, Nixon and, of course, the Champion Outhouse-Language Pair: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

By the way, nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth.

Ray Anderson


Washington Street project gets money for design

To the Editor:

The California Transportation Commission agreed to fund the planning and design work for the City of Sonora’s proposed changes to the intersection at the Red Church using funds from the new gas tax.

The public expressed outrage over the design concept for Washington, Elkin and Snell. While the City Council assured us that this proposed design would not be the one going forward, the City Attorney warned against significant changes to the design.

Here is the project description as it appeared on the California Transportation Commission’s agenda:

“Addition of landscaped pedestrian bulbouts and replace sidewalks and curb ramps along North Washington Street / Highway 49. Incorporate pedestrian amenities, including benches, trash receptacles, improved lighting, and a tourist informational kiosk, into a pocket park.”

That is now the project that they expect us to deliver.

Elena Linehan


Stage 3 saga

To the Editor:

Wow, seems to me Doug Kennedy doesn’t really understand the culture or nature of our small town. His trumpian tantrum, threatening text to Mayor Williams is insulting on so many levels. To threaten her political career shows a clear ignorance of Sonora’s self-governance. FYI, serving on our city council is not a career, it is public service and they receive almost no compensation other than a small stipend, healthcare and reimbursement for travel.

As a founding board member of Stage 3, it’s clear to me Mr. Kennedy has no appreciation of our cherished little local theatre or the esteem our citizens hold for it. Having observed Mr. Kennedy’s repeated public battles and issues over the development of his project, “methinks he doth protest too much.” I had my disagreements with the Stage 3 Board over the years, but I stand in solidarity with our little community gem and will not set foot in his complex if Stage 3 is not included in the mix.

Dean Zaharias