MLK event a success

To the Editor:

Congratulations and a big thank you to the extraordinary organizers of the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration last Sunday. It stood out as one of the big successes of a grand event in our welcoming community in the Mother Lode.

I am sure MLK, Jr. is smiling down on our community with pleasure at its annual success.

Amy Haratani


Tax cuts help the wealthy

To the Editor:

There is an underlying assumption in the Dec. 12 Letter to the Editor, “Tax cuts help the economy,” with which I disagree. The writer says that the Reagan tax cuts produced “the biggest expansion in our nation’s history.” The implication is that this has been good for America. Actually it has not.

Not only has this great expansion been based on the exploitation of the working class and degradation of our environment, but the result is overwhelmingly contained in corporate profits, stock market holdings, and hedge and mutual funds, most of which are held in the hands of the wealthy few, and much of which has been created by national debt. But this is only part of our economy. If we consider the total economy we get a very different picture.

Our full economy is best understood as the wealth of all of the people (not just the super-rich), and is composed of such things as people being able to pay their mortgage, develop home equity (not to mention keeping their home), have funds to pay for college education for their children, and to build retirement savings, not to mention a strong infrastructure (schools, roads, etc.) that benefits everyone. Based on these criteria our economy has done and is doing very poorly indeed. And I don’t think the recent tax cuts will help with any of this. In fact …

Phil Nichols