Trump’s comments are appalling

To the Editor:

Now that I’ve had a bit of time to decompress from the ignorant opinions of President Trump in regard to Haitians, Salvadorans and Africans, I feel compelled to respond as a third-generation American. All four of my grandparents came from “over there,” and all of them escaped from and survived the pogroms of the early 20th-century Tsarist regime. Despite their humble roots, and because of their acceptance and participation in their new-found American life, I inherited through them a sense of purpose and commitment to my fellow citizens. Most of my pre-retirement life was dedicated to educating people; I taught mathematics to students from middle school through college.

I was appalled to learn that our president looks upon immigrants and potential immigrants with such disdain. Indeed, my grandparents came from what he described as s**tholes — they lived in squalid ghettos. However, they also contributed to their adopted country by raising their children to be caring and responsible people. Two of those children became my parents, who instilled the same perspectives in me. How dare our president disparage my grandparents or any other émigrés to our country!

For the record, 15 blacks have won Nobel Prizes, while President Trump remains nakedly prizeless.

Perhaps, in the interest of preserving (or more to the point, recovering) America’s reputation throughout the world, our president should learn to control his brain droppings.

As he is so fond of saying, “Sad. So sad.”

Irwin Schwartz