Let’s talk about political climate

To the Editor;

People who live in the land of the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations, and where our public schools promote democracy every day, need to take a time out for perspective.

Adolf Hitler wrote in the 1920s that he was “repelled by the conglomeration of races,” describing the “whole mixture” of various nationalities and Jews in Vienna as “the embodiment of racial desecration” which “had begun to corrode” this old site of German culture. The “highest purpose” of the state is “concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create beauty and dignity of a higher mankind.” “Blood mixture and the resultant drop in the racial level is the sole cause of the dying out of old culture … ” He viewed social democrats as “hostile” towards the “struggle for preservation of Germanism.” The philosophy of equal rights for the supposed culturally inferior which prevailed in that party rendered it “a pestilential whore, cloaking herself as social virtue and brotherly love.”

Hitler’s Third Reich endeavored to restore the uni-cultural militaristic greatness of the Prussian Empire (Second Reich), which he believed failed from internal cultural decay. William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” (pp. 89-90) quotes Hitler that in order to assure the success of the state, one person must be the absolute leader with no majority decisions (“Fuhrerprinzip”).

Should we be concerned about our current political climate? Or can we just assume it can’t happen here?

Steve and Linda Monroe


Learning from talk radio

To the Editor:

They said it until it finally sank in. Government is the problem, and those onerous regulations are really holding me down. I used to buy beat up cars and then drive them until they were all the way worn out. Now, I can’t find a car that I can afford because of those stupid smog laws. That’s bad for the economy. Think of all the people who could be driving to work if only they could make use of anything that runs, the bigger the better.

Licenses and registrations are just useless bureaucracy. Let’s do away with the DMV and speed limits too. Time is money. Why not do without weight limits on trucks and those burdensome logbooks? Let truckers be truckers. Seatbelts—big government, get out of my life. Mandatory liability insurance—too expensive. A lot of people like to have a few drinks before driving; that just shows that the DUI laws are really unpopular. Repeal them all. We’re talking real regulatory reform here.

The freedom of the open road calls. Think of the thrill of cruising down the freeway at an even hundred without lights on a moonlight night. With the muffler disconnected, they will hear you coming for miles around. Yeah buddy. I’m beginning to understand the benefits of deregulation with a limited government set free from power hungry bleeding heart liberals— no rules, no regulations, every man for himself, liberty.

There’s a lot of other stuff we could get rid of like zoning ordinances and building codes. If I want to start up a pig farm or a wrecking yard in an upscale residential neighborhood, I don’t need to hear any nimby talk from somebody who doesn’t understand private property rights. I’m learning a lot from talk radio.

John Watson