Democracy is under attack

To the Editor:

American democracy is under attack, but the most serious threats are not the usual suspects: Russia, Big Money or even the Alt Right. What Pogo Possum observed years ago is still true today — “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Even though neither the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence use the word, in this republic we earn the title of democracy because we select most of our political representatives by popular vote of the people. That is a very different way to run a republic than, say, The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

If anything goes wrong in our democratic process, such as the gerrymandering of congressional districts or the improper selection of the Electoral College or making it difficult for some of our citizens to vote, then we can get a government similar to that of North Korea where democracy is a total sham. We can prevent that by cleaning up our own act right now.

Here is what we can do:

• Resist any and all attempts to restrict voting rights of any people, anywhere.

• Remove the political bias from Congressional District boundaries. California has already made a good step in that direction.

• Think critically about any statement made by political candidates or their confederates.

• Make the selection process for the Electoral College consistent between the states and transparent to the public.

• Require that high school graduates have at least a working knowledge about how our government is supposed to work.

Make sure that all political candidates are qualified for the job.

Don’t let our precious democracy slip away from us. Start on the job of preserving it right now, then use the power of your vote in November.

Robert Rogers


Tax cuts help the economy

To the Editor:

I agree with Roy Mapps on one thing from his letter (“McClintock must go,” Jan. 9): The tax reform bill is the direct result of Republican majority in the House of Representatives, and the work of our own congressman, Tom McClintock. He is wrong on everything else.

Congressman McClintock held out for big improvements in the original tax bill — and got them. Leftists are screaming that it will cost taxpayers “billions.” You can see the truth for yourself, by adding in your own tax numbers at If you get a tax cut, you can be confident the Democrats have been lying to us, and that McClintock has been looking out for us.

I remember when the Democrats were predicting the Reagan tax cuts would destroy our economy. Instead we got the biggest economic expansion in our nation’s history. That’s the difference between the Obama economy that grew at a sickly 1.5 percent and the Trump economy that is already growing at more than 3 percent.

And Mapps is right: that’s because of the Republican Congress and President Trump.

It is time for California to follow the Trump administration and cut our taxes.

Vicky Reinke

Angels Camp