Not so fast

To the Editor:

Reading the opinion page the last several weeks, it seems no one likes the recently passed tax reform bill. One author proclaimed, “Americans do not want a tax cut for the rich.” Oh, the humility.

A liberal speaking from the socialist bubble of California knows what all voters desire for the wealthy among us. Not so fast, my friend. To be fair, perhaps the networks he tends to watch neglected to report on the plethora of companies committing to giving bonuses and higher wages to their employees and investing billions of dollars in their businesses, translating into thousands of jobs. Perhaps he doesn’t realize how many Democrats will benefit from the tax bill. CBS news did some research, and they admit that 80 percent of taxpayers will get a cut. At least half aren’t Trumpists. FYI, the Koch brothers did not vote for Trump.

Others cite studies that show the tax bill will cost this or that, but if you bet on studies, you’ve lost a lot of money. Many said the stock market would tank if Trump were elected. Well, 6,500 points later.

Consumer confidence is high, and would belie all these dour pronouncements. None of the letters I’ve seen mention the lowering of the corporate rate, the most remarkable aspect of the bill, and it should have a positive impact.

These letters have two things in common. The authors detest Trump. They also believe devoutly in redistributing the wealth. I would remind them, if they think the government knows best how to use their money, there is nothing preventing them giving Washington, and for that matter Sacramento, as much as they would like. They might start a movement. I’m sure Zuckerberg and Bezos would be right behind them.

Guy Emery


What about California Democrats’ accountability

To the Editor:

In a letter on Jan. 9, McClintock Must Go, the writer unloads his gun on McClintock, Ryan and Republicans in general because the new federal tax bill could increase the federal tax burden on some Californians.

I’m amazed that he didn’t save a single bullet for the Democrat controlled Sacramento. California has the highest, if not near highest, income tax, property tax, gas tax and onerous regulations that drives up prices and drives out businesses.

Did it ever enter a Democrat’s mind to lower taxes in California? Florida and Texas have no state income tax and both have thriving economies. Message: Don’t slam Republicans in Washington until the Democrats in California clean up their act.

On another item. Tuolumne County is a “red” county and yet the leftist letters to the editor dominate the editorial page. Are the conservatives in the county too lazy to write or are their letters not making the “cut”? I know my last letter was never printed. Just asking.

John Harless


Foreign policy by tweet

To the Editor:

Our Toddler-in-Chief, the Lyin’ King, “President” Trump has just bragged about having a bigger, better red button. Well, I hope that big red button makes him feel better about his small hands.

I’m not that sure it’s going to make the rest of us feel safer or more secure. This foreign policy by tweet is completely insane. Please tell me I’m dreaming.

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte