McClintock must go

To the Editor:

The Republican Party “Tax Reform” bill is nothing less than an outright assault on the state of California and our citizens. Because California is not a “deep red” state our citizens were specifically targeted by Paul Ryan and his House majority.

The most outrageous example of the tax bill targeting California is the restriction on deductions for state and local income and property taxes. The Republican bill limits this deduction to $10,000. In 2015 more than 6 million Californians itemized this deduction and the average deduction amount was $18,438. As a result of the Republican House bill these 6 million California taxpayers would each have an additional tax burden of more than $2,000 per year.

The Republican tax plan limits your mortgage interest deduction to mortgages not to exceed $750,000. If you look at real estate in the Bay area or Southern California you will see there are literally hundreds of thousands of homes in California with mortgages which exceed this amount with untold increases in federal taxes paid to Paul Ryan and his Republican House majority.

The most egregious example of specific targeting of California is the exclusion of losses for forest fire and earthquake damage. Really? The Ryan Republican House doesn’t think that people who have suffered catastrophic losses from natural disasters should deduct those losses when filing their tax return.

I guess there are not a lot of earthquakes in Wisconsin. In the most recent case in Southern California more than 1,000 homes and businesses were destroyed by the fires in San Diego and Ventura counties. But these people don’t live in a Republican stronghold so Paul Ryan and the Republican House majority believe they do not deserve to deduct their losses.

Make no mistake this horrendous tax bill, which will cost the taxpayers of California billions of dollars, is the direct result of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Tom McClintock is part of that majority. He is part of the cause of Californians paying a huge price for the Republican House majority.

Tom McClintock has to go.

Roy Mapps