Nuclear war is no topic for tweets

To the Editor:

Our whole world could be destroyed because two nuclear leaders are having a contest about whose “button” is bigger.

This is disgusting and very disturbing. Here it is 2018 and we should be looking ahead to better days, not the end of the world.

Kim taunted Donald and he tweeted back “I also have a button on my desk and it is bigger and it works.”

It’s not just two bully-boys seeing who can pee the farthest; It’s our world that they are putting in jeopardy.

Trump needs to top his tweeting. I can’t believe a grown man who is our so-called president would issue such a reckless, juvenile threat.

He has said several times, “I just don’t care.” This man is not fit to be in the office of the president. Most of us do care. We want our beautiful planet to continue for our children and grandchildren and for all the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Sydney Taylor


No cell tower near school

To the Editor:

Please help us stop AT&T from building a cell tower near our children’s school.

Many studies show negative effects from long-term cell radiation exposure, especially for young children. This is because their skulls are much thinner than adults and absorb 10 times more radiation.

Giant corporations like AT&T need to be more responsible and keep their cell towers away from our children. When we allow these corporations to bully us we are letting our children down. Without our children, there’s no one left to make “Make America Great Again.”

As a mother of a young child with health concerns, it is my duty and responsibility to be a strong voice on my child’s behalf.

Even though I am intimidated and scared by AT&T and their money and power, I will stand up and be the voice of my child and yours as well.

Please join us in our effort to stop AT&T from building a cell tower near our children’s school and send a strong message to anyone who puts our children in danger. We will protect our children.

We have created a public petition to the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors on and are already gathering signatures.

Please sign the petition on behalf of our children. Please include supporting comments after you sign the petition.

Please show your support by sending an email to all members of the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors at

Boclaire Vaughn