Science, religion and truth

To the Editor:

John MacWillie (“Bret Harte should keep policy,” Dec. 22) really did a good job of explaining why religious beliefs should not be taught in a science class. However, before continuing debate on this particular issue, I suggest trying to learn the truth regarding what each side is about? Here is my humble contribution to that end.

“Science allows us to understand what we already know, religion allows us to know what we cannot understand.” — Anonymous

Casting stones out of ignorance in either direction might do real damage to someone or something we all love, such as the United States of America for example. If all scientists understood why religious people think the way they do, and all religious people understood why scientists think the way they do, then maybe they could work together instead of separately to make this a better country and world.

So, if we can manage to clarify the differences, limitations and similarities between science and religion, then maybe we can use the same process to take on other divisive issues that are tearing this nation apart.

I dare all you Democrats out there to ask a Republican what they really believe in, and likewise for all you Republicans asking a Democrat the same thing. You might be surprised at what you learn. At the very least you will know the truth, and “the truth will set you free. “

Robert Rogers