Trickle down economics works

To the Editor:

Re: letter entited “Tax reform: A tax cut for the wealthy” dated Dec. 15. When did we become a nation obsessed with envy and loathing for those more financially successful than ourselves?

A little common sense goes a long way, something citizens on both sides of the aisle sorely lack. You claim that “trickle down economics” doesn’t work. Wrong. My husband and I are living proof that it does, but it’s a lot of hard work. During almost 33 years marriage we bought houses no one else wanted, not to flip and make a fast buck, but to fix for our own use and pleasure. We sold our first house for twice what we paid for it five years after buying it and made all repairs with our own two hands. We bought another wreck in Columbia where we spent the next nineteen years repairing it, again selling for almost twice the purchase price.

With no high school education but a wealth of building expertise, my husband built a successful career and I have worked at various Admin jobs all of my life. We are not rich but living within our means has left us comfortable. We are not envious of nor do we disparage those who have achieved more financial success than us.

Painting the entire wealthy class as greedy Bernie Madoff cheats is not only wrong, but an insult to all hard working people striving to achieve their goals. What some fail to take into account is the incredible amount of time, effort and sacrifice building a successful enterprise of any kind entails. Moral: stop painting everyone with the same brush. There are likely just as many unscrupulous poor people taking advantage of the system as there are rich ones.

Michael & Bernadette Porter


A one sided view

To the Editor:

I attended that Board of Supervisors meeting on pot cultivation on Dec. 12. Alex MacLean uses the word “vitriolic” to describe “the response from the people who want them to shut the door on the industry completely.” That word means “filled with bitter criticism or malice” according to the dictionary. I would suggest the video be watched as that is not a true statement in two regards. A short board meeting before the beginning of the pot meeting was a bit tense, but the subject of the meeting was about a completely different board issue. The only person who was rude and profane during the cultivation meeting was Supervisor Evan Royce as he gave his campaign 2018 speech for a lengthy period of time. Every speaker, the majority of which are against pot cultivation, was polite and respectful to the board and the audience. Also, not every member of the public wanted the door shut completely. Some did but others made suggestions to mitigate the consequences of cultivation in the county and complimented the staff persons involved on their research and preparation. Mr. MacLean’s bias is too transparent to make the article credible.

Judy Olson


Something better for Greenley intersection

To the Editor:

Most everyone I know agrees with me that Vision Sonora, the City of Sonora and Adventist Health Sonora have been short-sighted in allowing the commercial car wash to remain on the corner of Greenley Road and Mono Way.

This space could have provided much needed additional parking for the hospital complex and a small portion used for a statue or some other memorabilia more suited to a major thoroughfare and entranceway to the city. Even an Adventist Health sign would be preferable to the eyesore we now have.

The City of Sonora is mainly responsible for allowing construction of the commercial facility in the first place knowing that the corner was destined for future improvement and now has compounded the mistake.

I would suggest that perhaps a fund be established for purchase of the site for donation to the hospital. Realizing the present owner retains some nostalgia towards his car wash enterprise, perhaps the corner could be named in his honor.

Ed Fernandez