Where’s John?

To the Editor:

Last time I heard, John Buckley and CSERC were busy skulking around trying to conjure up unverifiable data on insignificant water quality excesses that might ever so remotely be attributed to high-country cattle grazing on National Forest allotments. Meanwhile John and his merry band have been totally ignoring the ever increasingly major and serious environmental impacts of the legal and illegal marijuana industry that is growing explosively in our foothills.

This industry poses the most significant and devastating threat to the quality of our water, both ground and surface water, since at least the Gold Rush mining days to the mid- to late 19th Century and perhaps the greatest environmental threat to human beings perpetrated by human beings ever.

John, leave our legitimate heritage foothill industries alone and help us protect ourselves and our posterity from the real threat to our environment facing us today.

Oh, I forgot; that probably doesn’t fit into your political agenda.

Guy Emery


‘Choose Life ­— your mother did’

To the Editor:

Shame on all you murdering “mothers” out there who rob the unborn of life. Only heathens kill their young.

Doug Gravelle