The C-2A, signs of the times

To the Editor:

When agendas trump reality, people pay the price. Last month when a Navy C-2A Greyhound crashed and killed 3, Matthew Chialstri, Steven Combs, and Bryan Grosso, it was but a small blip on the national media outlets before they went back to looking down people’s pants; sexual misconduct and sexual orientation and who was going to sue whom. But let’s get back to the world of powder milk biscuits, where all the men are strong, all the women are good looking, and all the children pay attention.

A little research revealed that the plane that crashed, Navy C-2A, a late 1960s model, was supposed to be replaced by the newer V-22 Osprey. Right now, according to, “only nine of the 33 C-2As can fly.” Further research reveals that 37 service members have lost their lives in plane crashes this year, 130 percent higher than killed in non-combat last year.

Senator John McCain, R-Arizona and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and former naval aviator-pilot, said on the Senate floor, “We are killing more of our own people in training than our enemies are in combat.”

There is a clarity that comes from priorities and common sense for those in the line of fire where statistics and polls have no use. As the left pushes for sex, illegal immigration and drugs, those in the military, victims like Kate Sternly, and those killed in traffic accidents by drivers who are high, pay the price of stupid distractions.

While the rest of the useful idiots of the world don their vagina hats and tune in to focus on propaganda, uh, “top headline news,” some of us are paying attention and we are not too happy.

Suzanne Cruz


Liberal but not radical

To the Editor:

I agree with a great deal of what Mr. Gravelle said in his recent letter to the editor. I agree that American will never be great again — as long as Mr. Trump is president. And I agree that the Supreme Court has made some bad decisions, the worst being Citizens United which took democracy away from the people and put it in the hands of the Corporations. And although I’m definitely liberal, believing in helping the less fortunate, I don’t consider myself radical.

Ann Leonard