Liberalism and you

To the Editor:

This letter is to members of conscience in the Democratic Party.

I am very much in favor of the two party system of government that is strongly recognized throughout the United States. This system has effectively governed for many years, but now appears to be in danger of failing.

You must, by now, be aware of the decline of your party. You have been taken over by liberalism and political correctness. You must, by now, also be aware that this takeover of the party serves no purpose other than obstruction and division to the workings of this great Christian nation with our great constitution (the envy of the world). The constitution ensures our freedoms; it should decry liberalism for its dividing and destructive methods in trying to destroy our democratic republic.

Liberalism has fractured the Democratic Party. We need a two party system to keep this nation strong. The fractious members of the present Democratic Party have destroyed a once influential political party with their illegal activities. (Hillary, Warren, Schultz, Loretta Lynch, and Comey — the list goes on and on.

Even here in Tuolumne County, we have fractious members who constantly insult the president of the United States with ‘Psuedo Psych” charges. Answer this for me: Where did they obtain this so-called expertise in diagnosis? Perhaps by looking in the mirror.

This great nation will not succumb to your antics. We are a free people, we must allow you to speak out, but we will not allow you to take our laws and constitution away by your anarchist and liberalist attempts against our way of life and freedom.

God bless President Trump, God bless Vice President Pence and God bless America.

Connie Dresbach


On Charlottesville

To the Editor:

Now with Donald pictures on the wall, a whole new generation came along.

Why do the worst now feel empowered?

What happened to our country’s leaders?

What happened to our educators?

What happened to the voters who should have learned?

For Martin who paid the price back then.

For Heather, who paid the price in Charlottesville,

Kneel with the players until we relearn what we learned in the 60s.

Frank Rauchschwalbe