To the Editor:

This letter is intended to express my concern and disappointment in our city council. Right now, Tuolumne County is missing an opportunity to join America’s next big revolution: The Marijuana Industry.

In our early years, the lumber industry thrived and flourished but it hit it’s peak and no longer supplies the jobs and future as it did in the past. Our youth is leaving to pursue their goals elsewhere but it doesn't have to be this way.

Instead of fighting the legalization of recreational marijuana use, we need to embrace it. In states that are more forward-thinking the changes have been huge with new life pulsating through small towns that were all but dead.

Perhaps, our “leaders” should consider Raymond, Ore.: an old 1890’s lumber town. It’ll be like looking in a mirror. They embraced the new industry with open minds and open arms. Stores and warehouses that were empty for years reopened. Everything from restaurants to beauty salons were back in business.

We need to raise our voices high to our city council and make this happen. Or are we always going to be in the outside looking in? And asking ourselves “why didn’t we grab that” green “ring on this “merry-go-round” of life? We should at least open our eyes to the possibilities of higher wages; lower unemployment; etc.

Let’s all attend the next city council meeting, face reality and make it happen here. Let's catch this wave and be a leader in this up-and-coming industry. Our location is ideal since we are less than two hours from big cities that will undoubtedly purchase the majority of the product we grow here.

Dan Davidson