McClintock, the Silencer

To the Editor:

A few days before the horrific Las Vegas massacre, Tom McClintock co-sponsored a bill that would have made it easier, cheaper and legal to accessorize guns with silencers.

Imagine if a silencer had been used in Las Vegas, how long would it have taken to spot the shooter with no sound of gunshots in the half-light of evening? The person in the next hotel room may not have heard the shots. Countless others may have died.

In Newtown, children cried for their mothers in terror as they were murdered. The sound of gunfire warned other teachers to hide their students. With a silencer there would have been no warning. How many more children would have died that day?

Is this what deregulating industry means? The freedom to make a profit from what is innately evil? Governance where citizens have lost the recourse to reason?

Where are the promised market forces that, if left to their own devices, solve all problems? If industries are guaranteed the right to buy speech, shouldn’t it have some resemblance to the truth beyond profit? Is it the intent of the American people to have a robust economy or an economy as reckless as a lawless freeway system?

Industry bullying or bribing our politicians to serve their myopic profit motive is not the pursuit of happiness. Corrupt politicians have secured our ignorance by passing laws that make it illegal for government to sponsor research into the impact of guns in our society. Ignorance is not bliss; it’s a nightmare.

It was indecent to speak of this too soon but is it too late to speak of it now? The gun industry willingly aids and abets defiance of the commandment “thou shall not kill,” while compelling a pathetic Congressman to propose the ruthlessly irresponsible.

Robert Carabas


Mental Health

To the Editor:

Our fearless leader says, “It’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem” when he commented on the latest mass shooting. So that is why we have so much gun carnage. Our level of mental health is off the charts compared to the rest of the developed world?

Michael Crosby


The truth

To the Editor:

The California legislature has created a law that would put a person in jail if they use the wrong gender pronoun. The law is currently limited in its effects to nursing homes and intermediate-care facilities, but it will eventually apply to everyone in this state.

The Democrats of California have decided to continue their attack on the American people so they can take absolute control of the country whether it be all the country all at once or one state at a time, which is what they are trying to do now with this law.

They dare try to take our First Amendment right of free speech away by telling us what we as individuals call or say to others. I am not saying it is OK to hurt someone’s feelings, but if your feelings are hurt because I refuse to call you by whatever gender you imagine you are instead of what God created you to be, well that is too bad. There is no such thing as 63 genders as these so called biology people say there is, there are only two — male and female. It is not only your reproductive parts that make you male or female, it is also your hormones, body chemistry, and your brain and soul that work together with your biological parts that make you male or female.

People who say they are transgender are either confused or they are immature little boys and girls who are still playing dressup instead of growing up and becoming mature. Those that are confused, we need to give them any help that we can in order to bring truth and understanding into their lives and minds.

Truth, God’s truth, is what can truly set us free. I want all that are lied to and are confused to be set free so they may fully live and be well. The lies of the Democrats and progressives agendas and the spread of confusion needs to stop now! The Democrats must realize that they will never take full and absolute control of this country without a fight from us the people.

This country was founded and created by God and His will will prevail. The truth will be told, whether the Democrats like it or not, I am sick and tired of the lies the Democrats say. I will proclaim the truth and I will fight for it.

Travis Finney

Twain Harte

Outdoor gardening

To the Editor:

As one who has been attending public meetings of the ongoing marijuana discussion for the past four years — many meetings which have begun at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., etc., I’m amused at the ignorance of those who have recently arrived to participate in our wonderful American process, but are coming empty-headed. Ignorance is no sin, however failure to educate oneself when knowledge abounds is stupidity.

Folks, please try to get caught up before the next meeting so as not to drag others backwards. I suggest turning off the television for a few hours — though it will take more time than that to read through the thousands of pages of state regulations on marijuana. If you have further questions, ask your kids.

This recent issue of objections to marijuana flower fragrance and visibility in your neighbor’s garden is ridiculous. If we entertain irrational complaints, we open a Pandora’s Box of trouble. As there is no end of imagined offense of our senses, there will be no end to regulatory reach into our lives.

Gardening outdoors — that is, not inside a fully enclosed structure, is a matter of basic personal freedom. Choosing natural sunlight and fresh air over intensive use of electricity contributes to making the gardening experience restorative, in addition to the medicine being grown.

Mike Mechanic


Arrested development

To the Editor:

In another case of arrested development on Monday night, the Sonora City Council voted to continue until their next meeting a vote on yet another city give-away to a private citizen. Last month the council voted to give Trado Restaurant Corp, dba Green Dog Beer, an easement on city property to use for their benefit. As compensation for this, Trado was to redo the parking lot on Green Street and install a storm drain access. Now Trado wants to renege on the storm drain, saving them $20,000 to $30,000 with no benefit to the city.

I urge you as taxpayers to attend the next City Council meeting and see how your money is being managed.

David Morgan


TCEDA continues to spend and spin

To the Editor:

In response to past letters to the editor regarding TCEDA’s claims of creating new private sector jobs and businesses, a “Request for Proposals” has been published and looking for outside private consultants ( to essentially take over some of the key responsibilities highlighted in my letters. Coincidentally, the County representative followed up with an invitation to meet with me to discuss my concerns. I had to respectively decline. Why?

What is happening here, IMO, is the classic circle the wagons on TCEDA’s lack of “measurable performance outcomes” over these past years. Can the County justify hiring an outside consultant to essentially do many of the duties of the TCEDA Executive Director who is currently being paid over $175,000 per year with $70,000 plus in benefits. Don’t be surprised if they officially launch a counter offensive with a list of local business owners who might have something positive to say about TCEDA, but will no doubt fail to provide any tangible and transparent supporting documentation that any of TCEDA’s five-year strategic economic development objectives - $10 million in local economic development and $60 million in future developments — have or will ever be accomplished. Recent documentation provided under two Freedom of Information Act requests is proof enough about my criticisms.

Again, a simple request. Inform the public, who’s average family income is below $45K per year, on what has been accomplished to date that justifies the amount of time and money being “spent and spin” by TCEDA.

Ken Perkins