The joy of
serving others

To the Editor,

I guess I’m one of Mr. Todd’s “lefties.” I was fortunate enough to be born healthy, with a high IQ into a stable, supportive family. I’ve also been ambitious and hard-working all my life.

But on a teacher’s retirement income I am not rich, instead I can barely meet my expenses month to month. I suppose I could have gone into a highly paid business occupation that some would say may have proven me to be a smarter person but instead I chose to go into a service profession helping children learn the skills they needed to become self-sustaining, productive citizens.

Do people honestly believe that the CEOs of major companies are 240 times smarter or work 240 times harder than the workers who make the products for their companies? That is now the income differential between workers and CEOs.

And do people know that most of the wealthiest people in America are wealthy not because they are smarter, more ambitious or harder working than the rest of us, but because they had the good fortune to be born to wealthy parents?

And, finally, although I live on a modest income, I am happy to pay taxes because I know taxes provide for the roads we all use, and for the schools our children attend. Taxes also pay for the firefighters and policemen and regulations that help keep all of us safe. And as a taxpayer, I’m especially glad that a portion of my tax dollars go to children who were unfortunate enough to be born to parents who are unable to provide them with the advantages I had when I was a child.

Ann Leonard