RVs for fire victims

To the Editor:

I'm new to beautiful Amador County, but I've noticed one thing in particular — the large number of RV's and travel trailers on properties that are occupied year round.

Given the large number of people who are suddenly homeless due to the California wildland fires, I urge everyone who can to rent their vehicles to these victims, many of whom have the property, water supply, sewer, and will soon have electricity restored if it's not still working, but don't have a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom or a roof over their heads, other than the motels, FEMA, family and friends, and faith-based sheltering.

I suggest that rent be charged, but deferred for a year, at which time, FEMA, state, and other agencies will have had time to create the mechanism to reimburse things like rent, food, and clothing. Remember that they, too, are overwhelmed by this state of emergency.

Really, friends, how many of you are going somewhere during the coming winter? And how many of you will make lifelong friends by extending a helping hand?

And editor, wouldn't it make a good series to report how Amador and other county residents are helping individual fire victims?

Tom Deal


Yankee Hill paving

To the Editor:

Thank you and congratulations to the Tuolumne County Road Department staff, Duke York Road Department Supervisor and the various paving and traffic control contractors who recently performed a terrific job of repaving Yankee Hill Road and seal coating Columbia Vista Drive.

Both asphalt paving projects have extended the effective lives of both roads and made driving them easier and with less wear on every vehicles using these roadways.

Once again, thanks to all of you for a job well done!

Donn Marinovich


Poor vs. wealthy

To the Editor:

Recently I attended a seminar on nutrition. They talked about the necessity of receiving the minimum daily requirement (MDR) of calories and vitamins, and the danger of exceeding the upper limit (UL), getting too much. It seems to me that the same applies to money.

If a person lacks an MDR of money, they can’t acquire the resources to live. And if a person exceeds the UL, it is damaging to them (and, regarding money, to the society as well). And just as a good parent makes sure that their children receive the MDR and don’t exceed the UL regarding nutrition, a good government makes sure that the people have the MDR of money and don’t exceed the UL.

How does a government do it, by “governing,” (i.e. regulating the economy so that these two requirements are met). And governments do “create” the economy, not some mythical “free market.” Our current economy fails to provide the MDR, and does nothing to keep its members under the toxic UL. It is toxic for three reasons: a) because the wealth of the wealthy comes from impoverishing the poor; b) because the lust for wealth makes a person greedy, insensitive and mean; and c) because a society with gross inequality of wealth and income leads to frustration, anger, fear, bigotry and violence, which we see every day.

Part of the solution involves taxing the rich, those exceeding the UL, and investing in the economy (they aren’t doing it). Trump seems to concede this with his tax proposal that doesn’t give them more. So I say, let’s make America healthy again. Now that’s a change we can believe in.

Phil Nichols