To the Editor:

“There you go again” is the phrase that Ronald Reagan used during many of his campaign speeches to shut down his parroting opponent.

I am sick and tired of the “Lefties” vilifying the “Rich.” Who are the “Rich”? They are the taxpayers who provide us all with benefits through government theft. They are also another target of the left, through the use of group identity politics, to create victims (themselves) that big government needs to save.

In this world there will always be people among us who are smarter, more talented and more ambitious than the rest of us. They, through their own actions, become rich. They work harder and are more successful than us. They do not make us victims. We make ourselves victims by our own mediocrity.

Like it or not we live in a meritocracy where hard work and brains are rewarded. By our own founding documents we are blessed with equality of Opportunity, not equality of outcome.

Richard T. Todd