McClintock gets it and you don’t

To the Editor:

As a third-generation central California native, I know very well the pulse of the Sierra Nevada region, and it is most assuredly Conservative base who did not have to work hard to get Congressman McClintock in office to represent us. We appreciate the congressman for defending free markets, limited government and opposing those who would work toward legislating Socialist, Communist economic and social principles. Mr. Michael Bilodeau’s recent attacks on our congressman demonstrate to me that he lives in the wrong country.

What matters most to real Americans are the very concepts that create free people, that would be free and unfettered markets. Wealth creators, not wealth takers, have had to deal with onerous levels of regulations under the Socialist Obama Regime for eight years. Has Mr. Bilodeau looked at the stock market since Trump’s inauguration? Real and lasting wealth is being created in this country, is being created and spread throughout the land because of this current administration’s economic policies. Millions of Americans like me that live in smaller communities applaud the efforts of our congressman to create environments where all people can prosper.

Suzanne Cruz


Address problems to White House

To the Editor:

As of today, President Donald J. Trump has taken charge of the Affordable Care Act; and therefore any problems with Trump Care (aka the Affordable Care Act) should be addressed to the White House. No doubt he has fixed everything, even though “who knew healthcare would be so complex.”

Pat and Mary Macauley