Marijuana in Tuolumne County

To the Editor:

So far in the discussion of what role marijuana will play in Tuolumne County, the Board of Supervisors and the public at large have heard mainly from the Marijuana Working Group, the SCI Consulting Group and pro-marijuana activists. The assumption has been that cultivation, sale and processing of marijuana is a forgone conclusion in Tuolumne County and that we must prepare for the inevitable. We are told that the taxes and fees from the marijuana industry will pave all the roads, solve the financial ills of the county and provide jobs for everyone. Sounds like the sales pitch made by the gambling industry to legalize the state lottery. Remember? Lottery fees and taxes were going to make California schools the envy of the rest of the nation. How did that work out?

We ignore the warnings of people who have been through it in Colorado and are going through it in Calaveras County. Of course, “We will do it right.” “We won’t make the mistakes they made.” Really? “Pride comes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.” I was heartened by the Board of Supervisor’s decision to ban outside cultivation and appalled by the Democrat’s glowing coverage of a dozen or so people who spoke against the ban at a meeting held when most people were at work. It is time for input from the rest of the community at meetings in a larger venue, scheduled so that everyone has an opportunity to attend.

Under Proposition 64, counties can ban the sale, outdoor cultivation and processing of marijuana. Everyone should be heard and all consequences considered. Don’t let our public representatives be bullied into decisions that can ruin our county. Show up and be heard.

David Peters


Federal law

To the Editor:

California refuses to obey some federal laws, such as drugs and immigration, but federal money in time of need, like wildfires, is welcome.

California gives the federal law the finger but has its hand out for federal money. A double standard?

Keep up the good work Union Democrat.

Roy Jueal

Twain Harte