Don’t let McClintock divide us

To the Editor:

Congressman Tom McClintock has sent seven campaign emails since President Trump’s inauguration. Once known for putting principles over politics, his message now consistently strikes a combative tone.

Repetitive word choice reveals his theme: Tom uses “left” 19 times, usually paired with “radical” (13 times). McClintock’s language depicts constituents who don’t share his views as a threat to freedom. He also pushes his absurd narrative in media interviews and House floor speeches. His constituents navigate political differences in a respectful way in day-to-day life. McClintock’s rhetoric may play well in his D.C. circles, but he shamelessly undermines our unity and divides our communities for his own political gain.

Why is McClintock sowing distrust? He has nothing else to say. McClintock’s Republican establishment has no major accomplishments to report. Repeating his nine years of campaign promises would only remind us of his ineffectiveness. Instead, McClintock conjures a menace to try to convince us not to blame his poor leadership for political gridlock. He plays us for fools.

Perhaps he’s gotten too comfortable in his seat, or maybe he’s genuinely worried about his popularity slipping away. Whatever the reason, his calls for our support have become increasingly pathetic. We deserve better representation.

Michael Bilodeau

El Portal


To the Editor:

Massive spending cuts have passed the congress to set up tax cuts for the wealthiest among us.

The bill not only instructs Congress to do massive tax cuts for the rich through the budget reconciliation process, it instructs lawmakers to reduce Medicaid spending by $1 trillion and Medicare by $473 billion. That’s along with the $37 billion in cuts for affordable housing, $100 billion for Pell Grants, cutting Head Start by $3 billion, and essentially gutting the WIC program, which provides food assistance to 1.25 million women, infants and children.

Our community is already suffering from budget cuts to senior programs, such as Meals on Wheels, and cuts to library services, along with cuts to programs that benefit the youth of our community and programs to feed the hungry. The shortage of affordable housing forces many into homelessness and contributes to that growing epidemic across our nation, and cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will force millions more already struggling to get by onto food stamps or other programs, which are also being cut!

All so we can get $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich? Have we become such a heartless nation that we do not care about our fellow man?

Myrna Doering


Russia trumps America

To the Editor:

Russia knew they could bring down America from within, if they could influence Americans to vote for Trump. Because they knew that Trump would Sabotage America. How?

1) Weaken Americans, by trying to take away affordable health care for the masses;

2) Eliminate the middle class economics, by increasing their taxes and lowering taxes for the rich;

3) Create social unrest and racist division among Americans, who are ethnically diverse, and who have a genealogy from global immigrants;

4) Move America away from a government for the people, into a government for the rich;

5) Reduce the professionalism, credibility and ethics of American leadership, with a presidency and Congress of self-serving greed and corruption;

6) Pander to the NRA’s unregulated automatic weaponry distribution, to allow Americans to kill large amounts of Americans with automatic weapons;

7) Hopefully destroy America by a careless and rash president willing to engage in nuclear war with an insignificant political power like North Korea.

So Russia, without using a single nuclear weapon of its own, has launched the dismantling of American democracy, as long as Trump is in office.

American democracy used to be a political threat to the Russian fascist oligarchy. But by using Trump, the Russians are trying to bring us down to their lower standard of government.

Doris Grinn


Second Amendment? Ok with me

To the Editor:

Are we done already with the ritual hand-wringing, the faux “thoughts and prayers” that followed Las Vegas, Sandy Hook and all the other mass murders? I don’t want to make fun of tragedies. I am dead serious — pun intended.

A few of our brave politicians have ideas, like outlawing the “bump stocks” that make semi-automatic assault rifles function like real machine guns. How wonderfully heroic as even the NRA condones their prohibition. Without that modification the Las Vegas murderer might have had to use his trigger finger more often, and the result might have been only 40 killed instead of 58 and a mere 350 wounded than over 500. Great success. Others pin their hopes on modifying the Second Amendment. Or simply pray that evil may go away.

I know this may come as a surprise to some, but I’m fine with the Second Amendment. All that’s required is an interpretation of its meaning, and that needs to come from the Supreme Court. We just have to start the process.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,” as the Amendment begins, is often misconstrued to mean every Joe and every Jane is a militia. Individuals always had and will have the right to own guns and other weapons to defend themselves and their families. But that doesn’t make them militias. The California National Guard is a militia.

A little further reading of the Constitution easily demonstrates the Founders’ intentions. Look at Article One, Section 8: Clauses 15 and 16 dealing with organizing, training and federalizing the Militias.

No mention of individual Joes or Janes. Let’s remain rational. Brains over guts.

Klaus Kraemer



To the Editor:

By way of Woody Guthrie, here is an open letter to the world regarding dueling megalomaniacs Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un: “So long, it’s been good to know yuh.”

Gary Linehan