I apologize

To the Editor:

Igor Birman letter (Sept. 29) is absolute right. I incorrectly inferred from McClintock’s emails that he was asking that questions be submitted in advance to avoid questions from the floor. I apologize I was wrong.

But Igor claiming McClintock “always welcomed all points of view,” is hogwash. Anyone who disagrees with Tom is acrimoniously labeled a “leftist radical.” At town halls McClintock answers difficult questions with unrelated answers, never with, “Did that answer your question?”

The fundamental role of government is to balance our economic success with a prosperous and decent society not to undermine our citizens, while despoiling country. These people can’t afford to lose their healthcare. These citizens love this country and know that climate science predicts harm to our nation.

Tom repeatedly voted against the Affordable Care Act knowing thousands of people in his district needed that healthcare insurance. The vast majority of Americans opposed repealing ACA and understood it was a tax cut for the rich not healthcare for Americans. McClintock’s misrepresentations are not a harmless difference in point of view. Tom supported that effort and would again.

McClintock defends carbon industry profits by allowing the astonishing idea that Americans, the world leaders in science, should deny climate science for his political posturing.

McClintock says, “Global warming has all happened before.” But what climate scientists are talking about has happened only once to Homo sapiens. Humanity barely escaped extinction. Imagine the world population of 7.6 billion people facing that today, while millions of refugees die trying to escape drought, starvation, disease, war, and catastrophic storms? Tom’s position is a terrible falsehood not a difference in point of view.

McClintock represents eliminating government regulations and programs even where they are needed. Those concerned citizens want meaningful representation and a significant competition of ideas leading to wise policy.

Robert Carabas