Chess vs Checkers, the wisdom of McClintock

To the Editor:

U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock has long been a favorite of the people of the Sierra Nevada region because he is smart, damn smart. While other politicians are thinking checkers, the effects of one move; McClintock thinks chess, he thinks deeply about the implications legislation will have, three, four, even 10 years from now.

Graham-Cassidy would have done three things.It would have removed the steep penalties that force Americans to buy over-priced health plans they don’t need, don’t want and can’t afford. More people are now paying those penalties or claiming hardships than are actually purchasing the one-size-fits all Obamacare plans that force an older couple to purchase complete pediatric coverage, for example.

It would have removed the employer mandate that has trapped millions of Americans in part-time jobs. They’re called “29ers” because the expensive Obamacare mandate kicks in at 30

hours. This will mean full-time jobs for a lot of folks now stuck in part-time work.

Most importantly, it gives states freedom to design their own plans, and gives them the money to do it. The Moores see it taking away money from California. Actually, it equalizes funding so that ALL states get the same per-capita funding to design the programs that best meet their needs. If California wants to adopt single-payer, they can use that money for that purpose and pay for cost increases from state funds. That’s called federalism, and it works.

Unfortunately, Senators like McCain and Collins weren’t. So, the Moores got their wish — Graham-Cassidy failed, and now we’re stuck with Obamacare. As premiums keep rising, remember that Tom McClintock and other Republicans tried to rescue us

Richard T. Todd