Taking all questions

To the Editor:

This paper published a letter from Robert Carabas accusing Congressman McClintock of requiring constituents attending his next town hall meeting “to submit questions days ahead so he can avoid the tough ones.” This is a complete falsehood. Congressman McClintock has never and will never require questions from constituents to be submitted in advance. In well over 100 town halls across this district, he has always welcomed all viewpoints and always will. Mr. Carabas should attend a town hall and see for himself.

Igor Birman

Chief of Staff

U.S. Representative Tom McClintock, CA-04

Thank you TMAP

To the Editor:

We appreciate this opportunity to publicly praise and thank an outstanding coalition of community volunteers for organizing and executing a major project on our property.

In response to our request for assistance in clearing dead and dying trees standing at the periphery of our house (and after one of them fell on and penetrated our roof), this team of Tuolumne County neighbors flew into action and arranged to have 12 other threatening trees felled and removed.

We would like to acknowledge the following people and organizations for their participation, as well as other behind-the scenes contributors: Glenn Gottschall, program coordinator for Tree Mortality Aid Program (TMAP); Jerry Usray of the Highway 108 FireSafe Council; Area 12 Agency on Aging; Sonora Area Foundation; and the Sonora Lions Club.

We also want to recognize Brian Finigan of Ace Tree Service and his outstanding crew for the work they did in safely bringing down the trees as well as clearing our property of the resultant debris.

If this isn’t an exceptional example of neighbor-helping-neighbor community spirit, we don’t know what is.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all of those who partook in this noble deed.

Irwin Schwartz and Maria Layne