Communicate, contemplate, consider

To the Editor:

Autocracy and intellect; two opposite words and worlds. Unfortunately we hear them used too much too often in the same sentence.

Come now comrade, If it’s not on your cell phone, it’s inexplicable. Scratch experience and our education facilities. Simply look at abbreviations. We once upon a time had a full vocabulary.

Government aid? Just ask their constituents who can count to 11. Both sides of our government have basically stood still … if not degraded.

If they’re in a career for looks, send them to Hollywood. The only looks going out of date are that of history and experience.

Just look at the repetition of history.

Until all fools meet halfway and discuss all problems, and work on them, we will solve none. Especially those of politicians and fanatics. Outside of spelling, the difference is experience and guts.

Communication, contemplation and consideration equals results. We see little if any of the first three in the way of positive results on CNN. A lot less than there actually have been.

So much for Clinton News Network.

Doug Alleman


You go President Trump

To the Editor:

What a privilege to listen to a remarkable address by President Trump to the United Nations this Tuesday morning. He gets it folks and is ready, willing and able to battle the unleashed evil in our country and the world. Liberalism is so wrong for a free and sovereign nation. Hopefully we can restore sound principles and put God first once again in our blessed Nation.

Jim and Marsha Beaty


Budgets and beer gardens

To the Editor:

On the Sept. 18 the Sonora City Council admitted that they allowed the development of the Beer Garden on Green Street to construct to date without a plan for utilities, parking or garbage disposal, explaining that city regulations only require buildings over 5,000 square feet to have ‘site plans’ that confirm those arrangements in advance of construction. Any citizen building a house, or making even minor changes to an existing one, faces stricter requirements than this development.

The solution to the Beer Garden’s lack of utilities was for the city to provide a free utility easement on the city parking lot adjacent to the Beer Garden in exchange for the lot to be repaved and curbed. Because city administrator Tim Miller said he plans to remove paid parking permits from that lot, and disingenuously says he has no idea where the Beer Garden will plan their parking, it’s clear that the city gave the Beer Garden an easement in exchange for repaving city property that the Beer Garden will use for parking at no cost. Bank of America and Yosemite Title should be prepared for their parking lots to also be freely used by the Beer Garden. In addition, Tim Miller says the Beer Garden plans to arrange with Bank of America to have Beer Garden’s garbage dumpster in their parking lot, but can’t confirm that agreement either.

The Beer Garden is constructing on a property that doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it, and now wants our community to provide it for free. Although Tim Miller announced at the June City Council meeting that the city faces a budget shortfall in 2020-21 of $1,000,000, the City Council voted to provide a free easement to a private business and the free use of the city parking lot, in addition to losing the revenue of parking permits - which presently provides the city over $7,000 per year and the lot is only half rented.

Our City voted themselves a pay raise but, in this case, is not a good steward of community property, finances of development.

Barbara Dresslar


Park with, not against ag program

The Park Foundation is interested in obtaining land for the purpose of developing a large, multi-purpose, community park. Though still in the concept phases, the community park will include open space, trails, an amphitheater, indoor and outdoor sports venues, play area, bathrooms and space for food service.

Since Sonora High School is discussing the possibility of listing the WIldcat Ranch as surplus property, the Park Foundation is interested in purchasing a portion of that property to develop a beautiful community park that could include many features that would benefit the high school and be compatible with the existing Ag program such as improve cross-country track and indoor and outdoor tennis and volleyball courts.

The Board of the Park Foundation would like to make clear that while we have an interest in the Wildcat Ranch property, we do not want to build a park there at the expense of the Sonora High School Agriculture Program. We would like to work together with the school to improve the site for both the agriculture and athletic programs.

Should the Sonora High School Board decide to sell the property, we believe that a community park that works together to retain school programs is far more beneficial to the school and to the community than a possible commercial or residential development.

To learn more about the Park Foundation, please visit our website at

Dr. Ron Jacobs

The Park Foundation