DACA — For or against?

To the Editor:

Should the children of parents who came to this country illegally be deported or not? President Trump campaigned on deporting them. Now he is stuck with this and other promises of his. He wants to repeal DACA, but 80 percent of Americans reportedly disagree. Now he tries give the kids a whiff of a reprieve. Reprieve? Not so fast. Put yourself in the shoes of a young person whose parents committed the misdemeanor of entering the country without permission. Now how would you react? Oh great, I will not be deported for the next three or six months? How would you feel?

Here is my take: I am in favor of repealing DACA and deporting those kids; however, under one condition. All members of Congress who favor deportation must state publicly that it’s OK with them if their kids get punished for the crimes that their parents, those very members of Congress, may have committed against our country.

Let this sink in. Imagine who of those Congress members in favor of deportation has never committed any criminal offense, not even a misdemeanor. I don’t have to give you ideas. You probably have some already.

Klaus Kraemer


Tuolumne County’s ‘chronic’ bad decisions

To the Editor:

On July 25, I submitted a letter to this column strongly advocating for installation of a roundabout type intersection at the Pedro Wye and possibly another at the next intersection after (Sawmill Flat) rather than the proposed ugly, irritating traffic backup and accident prone “T” intersection, center-turn lane and traffic light carbon emission-producing proposed design. There was nothing but silence from the County Supervisors and County Road Department.

I suggested in my Letter to the Editor that the county supes and staff make an immediate trip up to the town of Plymouth, where they (Amador leaders) have had the foresight and wherewithal to install a roundabout intersection at a very important and busy intersection, in order to learn about and discuss the merits of the project. It is a safe bet that never occurred in any shape or fashion.

Last Wednesday and Thursday I had the opportunity to represent TUD (Tuolumne Utilities District as one of the board directors) on a “Headwaters Tour” that encompassed several main rivers and watersheds in our Mountain Counties region from just north of Tahoe to south in our area. I won’t get into the specifics of the trip, but I will say that we encountered several roundabout intersections on Highway 28 that were installed to NOT impede traffic with stop signals, reduce pollution and carbon emissions, and were installed with very aesthetically pleasing center and surroundings that enhanced the area.

So, through bad decisions, Tuolumne County has managed to let water rights slip through our fingers, allowed stupid planning and development that resulted in 14 water treatment plants, bought the expensive-to-run treated water system from PG&E without storage, hydro or water rights, then the Law and Justice Center fiasco. Will the Pedro Wye be our next huge blunder?

Ron Ringen