Candidate’s forum

To the Editor:

For your readers who are interested in the future of the Mother Lode: The four women running to be Congressman Tom McClintock’s opponent in the 2018 election will participate in a Candidates’ Forum Tuesday, Sept. 19, at the Bret Harte High School Multi-Purpose Room, Angels Camp, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The forum presents a unique opportunity for direct participation in our democracy.

The candidates, all full-time residents of CD-04, include Regina Bateson, a political scientist who joined the State Department following the 9/11 attacks, Roza Calderon, a geoscientist specializing in agricultural land management, Jessica Morse, a security strategist for 10 years with the State Department and USAID, and Rochelle Wilcox, an appeals lawyer raised by a single mother.

Following introductions and a panel discussion, there will be time to meet and talk personally with the candidates. Issues which are likely to be addressed include rural healthcare, agriculture, land use, water, employment and education.

These women are all willing to fight for District 4, and they offer a different set of solutions to problems faced in the district than does Congressman McClintock. Democrat, Republican or no party affiliation, area residents are invited to hear the candidates present and discuss their ideas for the future of CD-04 and the counties of the Mother Lode.

Gail A. Williams

Angels Camp

Hurricanes, the noble fight

To the Editor:

A hurricane is a tremendous thing. As people wait in anxious anticipation for it to hit shore, the hurricane builds up speed over the ocean, leaving everyone uncertain but prepared. They turn off the fake news designed to create fury and fighting, and prepare for the real fight, a noble fight, and quite frankly we are glad for the break. We have forgotten what a noble fight is; one fought for protection of family and country, for land and for honor, not the wasted time of demonization of politicians elected.

As the media took a break from stirring up this nation’s people, hurricanes brought out what is best in her people! People acting unselfishly and devoted to the welfare of others; only concerned for their beating hearts. Personal photos and videos of random acts of kindness began to appear. They were all fighting; not each other, but the noble fight. It was a thing of beauty, and a thing of beauty is a joy forever; because it is the truth, and we know how the truth upsets the media.

Quick to save face, reporters who had worked all year seeking to make a name for themselves flocked in front of screens attempting to cover up their past transgressions of race baiting and belittling our leaders. But, the damage was done. It was obvious to all that their concern for the country’s welfare was feigned: the name of Harvey and Irma would usurp theirs. For the truth was that the noble fight was the mud under the peoples’ feet and not that being slung by them.

For a while, we got a break from the insanity of the anarchists, atheists and antagonists, and were offered a bit of sanity from a storm. For a brief moment, the storms of nature overshadowed the storms of man.

Suzanne Cruz