Grateful landowner

To the Editor

As a resident of Twain Harte, who like so many, has experienced significant tree mortality, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the many workers who cleared dead and dangerous trees on our property.

Without exception, the workers were professional, polite, conscientious and incredibly accurate when fElling, cutting or climbing trees.

I would like to thank Tracie Riggs and Mike Albrecht of the Tuolumne County Tree Mortality program and their contractor who left the property along the roadway looking like a park, the family owned tree service that we hired for removing the trees near the house, who left the property as though they had never been there and the many PG&E crews who came through on multiple occasions this past year.

The removal of these trees improves safety and the health of the forest, decreases fire danger and most certainly diminished the impact on our finances. I am most grateful.

Gail Witzlsteiner

Twain Harte

Let’s seek some common ground

To the Editor:

With the divisions in our nation now rivaling those of the civil war, I was thinking that perhaps it was time to step back, examine the positions of the other side, and seek some common ground.

Take the idea that the global warming we are now experiencing is due to human activity. Maybe they have a point: Perhaps the world scientific community is wrong, and the broadcasters at Fox News are right. Or, for some unknown reason, the scientists of the world are trying to foist a hoax upon the entire planet. These are both certainly reasonable positions.

Or health care for all Americans. Maybe they’re right. Perhaps only those who can afford health care are entitled to it. Maybe it is the natural order of things that those who cannot afford health care should suffer and die from treatable conditions, while those that can afford treatment go about their lives. Again, a fair and reasonable position.

And then there is so-called supply side economics: The idea that tax breaks for the richest individuals and corporations in the country somehow stimulates the economy. Perhaps this is indeed a legitimate economic theory, and not simply a lie, promulgated since the Reagan era, that has led to the tremendous economic disparity we see in America today. On this issue, I’m afraid I must agree with George H.W, Bush, Vice President under Reagan, who was caught referring to the supply-side idea as “voodoo” economics.

Finally, in the interest of unity, I am asked to support a president, produced by our flawed democracy, that I believe is not only unfit for the office, but also dangerously unstable. I’m sorry, so-called conservatives of Tuolumne County, but my examination of your positions has only left me more firmly entrenched in my own. I oppose your fascist, anti-science ideology, and will resist your president’s racist agenda in every way that I can.

Kurt Quigley