What is fake news?

To the Editor:

Just watch any “live” broadcast of a speech, Senate/ Congress hearings, interviews, etc. Then watch your favorite news channel … (Voila! Fake news, or one-sided opinions?)

Again, use your common sense and never forget the nature of things.

Mike Hesseltine


Linoberg Street

To the Editor:

Keep Linoberg Street wild and scenic.

Paul Howay



To the Editor:

Once upon a time a man courted a woman. He promised to be a faithful husband, to cherish her and take care of her. So she married him. Then the man took a mistress. The wife found out and asked him to give up the mistress and return to her. But he enjoyed the mistress, and figured that the wife would not and could not leave him because she had nowhere else to go. The wife tried to remain dedicated to the husband, but eventually realized her integrity was more important than the husband’s empty promises, and after all, “he” had left “her.” So, with deep regret, she divorced him, but with the knowledge that if he gave up the mistress and returned to her she would take him back.

Democrats, you are the husband.

Phil Nichols