Save Wildcat Ranch

To the Editor:

All the rhetoric I’m hearing and reading about regarding what to do with Wildcat Ranch Ag property is just not making sense to me. The solution is simple. Keep it as it was intended for an agricultural instruction campus with the cross-country field and the possibility of adding ball fields and classrooms just as were the plans for the Jamestown Ag Campus. Foolishly, the Sonora High School District let that facility slip away and we all know how well that debacle turned out. Now the district is poised to do the same thing again. Does anyone even learn from history?

If you are a living, breathing inhabitant of this planet, your very being depends on agriculture. Food, shelter, clothing, think about it. Give our youth the opportunity to learn and improve agricultural production.

Terri Arington


Tax reform

To the Editor:

Fellow Tuolumne County residents: In one of the wealthiest states in America, our median household income here is about $53,000, or $11,000 less than that of the state overall. Median means that half the people in the county are even worse off than that. Of course we, as a group, continue to support the Republican Party.

Let’s examine the legislation that’s been put forth in Congress since the party we support took over. How many jobs bills? How about infrastructure? Who’s paying for the wall on the Mexican border? What about the replacement of Obamacare? Get where I’m going here?

The next thing supposedly on the agenda is tax reform. Are you hoping for a break? My guess is that some form of “trickle-down” will come out of this Congress. How much do you think will trickle down to us here?

When George Romney (Mitt’s daddy) was head of American Motors back in about 1962, the ratio of a typical CEO’s earnings to that of his average worker was 20 to 1. It now stands at 271 to 1. Why hasn’t that windfall to the wealthy translated into jobs or increased wages for the middle class? Seems to me our country was doing just fine in the late ’50s and early ’60s.

How long are we Tuolumne-ites going to buy into this shell game? We need to hold those we’ve put into office to account. They made a lot of promises to working class people to get themselves elected. Isn’t it time they showed us some results?

Dick Chimenti

Twain Harte

Sue everyone

To the Editor:

I was once young when my parents could say; “Dinner’s in the oven, find your friends now, go play!”

We’d go outside barefoot. We’d go outside cold.

We’d go outside hot. We did what we were


It never hurt too bad, a stubbed toe or sore thumb.

And when your bike hit the pavement, a roll, scraped knee. It’s called fun.

Exploring, exploring, the mysterious world, should come with bruises, and bumps, then you’ve learned.

But no, not now, someone might get a scratch. Stay away from the playground, there’s a slide still attached. And still even worse, a big metal spinner. And there, a fountain. Our lives are in danger.

So here’s how it goes, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll learn a new word. And we’ll call it sue.

We’ll sue them for scratches, we’ll sue them for scrapes, we’ll sue them for bumpers, and fenders and bad cakes.

Don’t accidentally touch somebody’s skin, it’s assault. And then battery. Let’s sue.We might win.

There’s a gun by the door, in case they break in.

But defending your home is a jail-able sin.

So watch what you’re doing, ‘cause we’re watching you.

We’ve workshopped a new word, and we’ll call it sue.

Jefferson Tuttle



To the Editor:

To all Democrats and Republicans, Independents and all others, Let us not forget what Will Rogers said “Politicians serve no useful purpose.”


Ron Montoya