Kudos for Trump

To the Editor:

My compliments to James Schlotthauer for his recent letter titled “Obstructionists stymy President Trump” (Aug. 8). Now I’m hoping the 60 to 70 percent of Tuolumne conservative Republicans have their day in court and our local paper becomes a truly and factual non-partisan newspaper. This means reporting both the good and the bad.

For many months now and before Donald Trump became president, our news media has been biased in the opinion section, including Letters to the Editor, guest journalist and cartoons.

The president, who represents you and me, has had his head bloodied on TV; been in a play portraying him being stabbed to death a la Julius Caesar and a suggestion by a Hollywood celebrity that he be assassinated.

Recently, the hate Trump gang and the “Fake News” lead by the New York Times and CNN TV have attacked the president regarding the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. “He was not quick enough nor specific enough.” Recently, a congresswoman in Washington, D.C., stated he should be assassinated, and Al Gore, the King of climate change, stated “he should resign.” So the beat goes on and on.

The fact is that our president, in a very short time, accomplished a great deal which is rarely reported by our country’s news media. The fact is the Democrats continue to play the race card and refuse to give him any support to perform his agenda. The fact is Donald Trump is not a Washington, D.C, traditional politician, but he is a facilitator who wants to get things done with the vision to make America Great Again. He needs all our help to get this done.

Richard (Dick) Anderson

Twain Harte