Homeless Issue

To the Editor:

How many types of homelessness do we have? Economically disabled local, economically disabled transient, mentally disabled, like the lifestyle, or combination of any of these? Whatever the reason it is a national problem. All the more reason that we must at least take a regional if not county wide approach to addressing the issue. While I can sympathize with local problems, the solution is not to kick the can across the border and declare all private and public property in Sonora off limits without permission. First I would say that at the least there should be a county wide ordinance of this nature. But then there must be an alternate choice. We must provide facilities for the homeless of both public and private nature that is acceptable to them enough where they will be utilized. I would suggest that the powers that be in the city and county coordinate their efforts and research what has been successful in other areas. I do not have an answer. My gut feeling is that we need to discourage transients from our area and we need to provide some type of facility where all homeless have access to the bare necessities of food, water, shelter, and safety. Yes, there may be taxpayer cost for this but the cost to do nothing may be even greater.

Ed Fernandez



To the Editor:

I agree we should unite. Uniting shouldn’t mean that we have to agree with doing everything President Trump promised. Many people are aware that a lot of what he promised is bad or impossible. He even realized that putting his opponent in jail would make us a third world country.

With 20-20 hindsight, we all should have realized that you could not replace Obamacare with something that is “better, insures more, and is cheaper. This was a seven year promise by the GOP that had never been seriously thought out. It was really just a political promise. A result of this is that Trump has done something good that Obama could not do. He has made Obamacare popular. Over 80 percent of the public now want Congress to fix Obamacare. Can the GOP admit they were wrong and work with Democrats to improve Obamacare? This would show unity. Would the President veto that bill? Maybe. He can’t even unite with his own party in Congress. For Trump, it’s “ my way or the highway “. Everyone now knows that the GOP plan to repeal and replace had only one goal. Provide funds to allow a tax cut for the rich without increasing the deficit.

Fortunately, Trump mistakes in the past few weeks have caused many previous supporters to oppose him. His base has dropped below 30 percent.

DACA is the next important issue. Many expect Trump to cancel it for political reasons only. In the past, the President has spoken in favor of DACA. He is trying to win back his base. Even if it ruins the lives of 800,000 young people and hurts our economy. A great example of party over country. Or should I say Trump over country. You don’t Make America Great Again by opposing values we have held high for over 200 years.

At the rate we are going, the country may unite. We will unite in opposing President Trump.

Bob Gould


Unsung heroes

To the Editor:

While it is breaking all of our hearts to see the anguish and loss of the people in Houston, we are also inspired by the examples of courage and compassion demonstrated by so many unsung heroes. But instead of just wringing our hands, we should all take action to support those suffering so much loss and to try to prevent more such terrible events. If you have the financial means to do so,please contribute to the Red Cross. One of our very own, by the name of Cathy Peacock, has worked for the Red Cross for many years and has often gone to coordinate rescue and support efforts following natural disasters and Red Cross is one charity you can trust to spend the vast majority of its funds on helping people...not on administrative costs.

But even if you can’t contribute to the Red Cross, you can take action to prevent more of such events from occurring by using your political clout. Although no one can say for sure that the unprecedented size of Hurricane Harvey was caused by climate change, we do know that climate change is causing more and more extreme weather events around the world. So whether or not, you agree with the 97% of climate scientists who claim that humans have been the major source of global warming since the Industrial Revolution, you will still have to agree that our climate is changing, so please take action by contacting your government representatives to let them know that you will not be voting for them in the next election if they continue to support fossil fuels rather than green, renewable energy.

Ann Leonard


Real scary stuff

To the Editor,

On Aug. 9, I sent a web link to Randy Hanvelt (my area — District 2, Tuolumne County Supervisor) and also to Dennis Mills (Calaveras District 4 Supervisor), who I knew as a past board member of CCWD (Calaveras County Water District).

It was a news story about experts’ alarm at toxic waste emanating from pot farms.

I never got a response from either of the gentleman, but I was heartened by an impassioned presentation from Supervisor Mills at a Mountain Counties Water Resource Association meeting held on Friday at the CCWD offices in San Andreas. Maybe he actually did go on the link. Mills explained in detail the horrible aftereffects of the marijuana grows to the environment and water sources that is ongoing in not only Calaveras County, but much of California. As a TUD director, that was exactly my concern and why I had sent the web link to Hanvelt and Mills a month ago.

Tuolumne County is in the process, as is Calaveras County, of “updating” their general plans. Now is the time to come down hard on septic systems. With home pot grows legal, can you just imagine the horrendous amount of chemicals being flushed into septic systems from these home grows? This stuff can’t be treated or mitigated in any way known right now and poses an enormous health and safety issue to our water and food sources.

I have a septic system for my property and know its’ value, but I service it and have it regularly inspected, and I don’t grow pot. I’m not insensitive to the medical marijuana situation, but home pot grows are definitely endangering all of us, and septic systems have to be banned/discouraged in the general plans or we are doomed as those chemicals will enter our food chain.

Ron W. Ringen


A big ‘Thank you’

To the Editor:

I wish to send a big “thank you” to all involved in the clean-up of the “eyesore” house on Main and Humbug Streets. Jamestown residents are thrilled with the results.

Judy Sharp