Americans unite

To the Editor:

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans we must come together and stop the divisiveness. Those who wish to bring down our country are with us daily in their diatribes. We all can see the outright criminal acts of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the liberal so-called media, the Hillary Clinton campaign and Loretta Lynch, and many of those who were active in the DNC. Even the Republican hierarchy seeks to take away our freedoms in not supporting the president in doing what they were voted into office to do.

Come together people of America, keep our freedoms. Even in our own county, we have people continuing to obstruct and divide by ignoring facts in the criminality of the DNC, and by not agreeing to work together to keep our nation free. They write foolish and untrue things in their letters, trying to make you approve of what has been done, and is still being done to our nation, by those of the previous administration. Why are we not fighting back strongly against those who would destroy our way of life?

Democrats who voted for this president, and those Independents as well as Republicans, we must join together and restore unity of purpose in order that we make America great again.

Wake up, Republican Central Committee and join our president and those who put him in office. This is the will of the people, stop trying to destroy this great nation under God. Seven years ago you promised to accomplish many things, which allowed you to continue in your political office.

We won. Now it is up to you to produce.

God bless President Trump, Vice President Pence and God bless America.

Connie Dresbach

Cedar Ridge

Separation of church and state

To the Editor:

I’ve read with interest a letter about separation of church and state not being mentioned in the constitution. It was followed by a letter (refreshingly) quoting some founders directly addressing the purpose of the First Amendment’s establishment and free exercise clauses to separate church and state.

That was rebuked by a letter suggesting those founders’ opinions were in the minority, calling one a rapist, and claiming both originated fake news in America.

I simply ask everyone to consider that if they were writing on a clean slate, whose church would it be that was not separated from the state? Certainly not Christians, as Europe had so convincingly demonstrated through centuries of war and religious intolerance before our Constitution.

So many were imprisoned, or died gruesomely at the stake, under the axe, in torture chambers, through mock witchcraft or treason trials, and on the battlefield at the hands of “states” who openly aligned themselves with various factions of Christianity. Each state defended its faith, claiming an unprovable divine right, or a superior belief. God, and Jesus undoubtedly, were appalled at these blatant violations of the most central precepts of Christianity.

Would you complain if, for example, the Protestants, or some faction of them, were not separated from the state, but Catholicism and the rest of the Protestants were? Try Northern Ireland. If you look at it that way, the founders were only trying to avoid what history teaches us is violently divisive and threatens the unity of any country. They knew history always reveals the consequences of religious or ideological preference or intolerance. Please give the founders, all those who believe in their individual right of free exercise, and this country, a chance.

Steve Monroe


Puppy mills

To the Editor:

One of the first orders of Donald Trump was to deregulate puppy mills. I knew we were in big trouble when the new president decided that it was okay to torture puppies and their mothers in deplorable conditions just to make money. Those innocent puppies live in squalor and grow up with health and behavior problems that their owners then have to deal with.

It is a well know fact that people who mistreat animals will then mistreat people. We now see that Trump is enabling the alt-right, the white supremacists, Neo-Natzis and the KKK. He also wants to deprive poor people of health care and cut the budget for Meals on Wheels and other programs, and give tax cuts to the super rich.

In July, when asked if there would be a first pet in the White House. A spokeswoman for Melania Trump, said in a statement. “The first family is still getting settled, so there are no plans for a pet at this time.”

If Trump stays pet-free he will be breaking with a long held tradition of presidential pet ownership.

Dogs, especially, give unconditional love and acceptance to their people and perhaps Melania and Baron could benefit from having a puppy. But, Trump on the other hand; someone who does not want the USDA to check on puppy mills probably should not have a dog.

Sydney Taylor


McClintock lies and 85,000 die

To the Editor:

In 1971 Congress designated about 17 percent of federal rangeland to be managed “primarily for the benefit of wild horses.” However, the BLM has allowed private livestock leases to outnumber wild horses and burros.

So, the BLM has a program of inhumane helicopter roundups of “excess” wild horses and burros (numbers that infringe on forage for private livestock) and placing them in long term holding pens. Now the number of animals in pens is over 45,000.

The BLM commissioned the National Academy of Science to develop a management plan. In 2013 the Academy published “Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: A Way Forward”. It proposed managing the wild horses and burros on the range with a darted contraceptive for mares ending the costly helicopter roundups and stockpiling of animals. The BLM never implemented the Academy’s recommendations.

Now the Trump Administration budget calls for an end to the prohibition of slaughtering healthy wild horses and burros, and destroying the 45,000+ healthy animals in pens and up to 40,000 healthy animals on the range. Congressman McClintock has spearheaded the proposal claiming that the wild horses and burros are starving. However, almost no starving animals have ever been captured in the helicopter roundups.

In fact, the wild horses and burros are successfully competing for forage against the private livestock that outnumber them and are not overpopulated. If we need to regulate their population it must be done in the most humane way possible.

It would take only $5 million to $10 million federal dollars to implement a public/private partnership following the guidelines set forth by the National Academy of Science. Far less than the cost of helicopter roundups and stockpiling of our iconic Mustangs and burros.

Joseph H. White