Cleaning up

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the collaboration between Solid Waste Management and BLM for the grand cleanup of Beer Can Corner. Wow! Time for a different name to accentuate the beautiful view from there — how about Sunset Corner?

I am not a fan of the proposed eight-foot high chain link fence. My perhaps unrealistic preference is that people choose to keep the area clean. The cleanup and fencing does not resolve the overall illegal dumping problem in Tuolumne County. People have habits. Coming up the mountain has been one of them. Some people will be respectful of the area, not having realized it was illegal. Others will look for another place, a convenient place.

The local dump costs $17.50 per 3x3x3 cubic yard, plus a $4.00 TC gate fee. Why is that added? Seniors have a lower rate. In Calaveras County, if a person is a resident/owns a home, the solid waste fee for the landfill is $150 annually, added on the property tax. For multiple units or a business the fees are different. All you have to do is prove that you have residence there.

It’s a good idea, a common practice in many areas, in many states, to add a landfill tax on to the property tax. Show that you are a resident, and trips to the landfill are “free.” We need a place to dump for “free,” rather than freely dump.

Beverly Britts


I quit

To the Editor:

After ten years of picking up other people’s trash I have lost the energy and faith.

Thomas J. Carson


No to raises for supervisors

To the Editor:

I’d like to ask the Board of Supervisors to take a closer look at the needs of the community who they serve before deciding to vote themselves a raise. Look at how the minimum wage earners in this county struggle to make ends meet. Look at the needs of the homeless: affordable housing, better mental health care, and better job opportunities and help with any required training and transportation.

Most of the supervisors, if not all, have pensions and benefits from your previous careers and were elected to serve and I stress that word serve because you indicated your desire to serve the community.

If these salaries don’t attract candidates to the positions because they are looking for greater compensation, we don’t need them; we would rather have people whose first concern is to serve the people.

If they believe that 40-60 hours is too much time/work for the $39,814, plus health and retirement benefits, check out the salary and benefits of all the volunteers in our county who work tirelessly for others that we feel called to serve.

Perhaps, all those out of town meetings are not nearly as important as meetings they could attend right here in our county where they could learn about how to better serve our people. It may be less costly but perhaps not nearly as exciting as traveling all over the state to meetings in other locations.

Think! Consider wisely before voting or we may think long and hard about who we want serving (that word again) on the board at election time. Maybe they should consider voting a cost of living increase, which is all those on social security get, if there is an increase at all. The needs of the county should come first.

Jeanette Lambert


Harvey and climate change

To the Editor:

Ann Coulter stated she would blame Hurricane Harvey on “the Lesbian mayor of Houston” rather than on global warming. People losing everything, neighborhoods rendered uninhabitable for months, unprecedented rain, and we suffer this malevolent idiocy.

Locally, we see changing precipitation patterns in dead trees, costs to homeowners, infrastructure damaged, budgets overwhelmed, yet some still believe Trump: climate change is a hoax, perpetrated by the Chinese. True, single events can’t be specifically attributed. But year after year record heat globally, New England sized Polar ice calvings, one catastrophic weather event after another — these are facts, not opinions.

When will people realize they have been manipulated? TV weather broadcasts (not just Fox news,) beholden to advertisers and Koch-funded “think tanks,” never mention global warming. Willful ignorance or self-serving greed, we must ask, do these people not have children?

Rex Tillerson, perhaps the smartest in Trump’s team, as Exxon Mobil CEO, recognized global warming decades ago. They expected a carbon tax to be law of the land (see Private Empire.) Today, major oil companies all oppose Trump’s abandoning the Paris Accords.

President Trump celebrates “clean coal” and “a second brand new coal mine in Pennsylvania.” Less publicized, the total lack of concern for the local residents impacted by fouled air and water. (Real news: not 10,000 new jobs, but one thousand. Nationally, car washes employ more people than coal.)

Abrahamic religions from ancient Judaism commanded stewardship of the earth. Native Americans planned “to the fifth generation.” Yet many Trump supporters claim to be the most ardent of Christians. This is a moral issue, the most basic of moral issues, the survival of civilization as we know it.

How did we reach this degree of insanity, when science and reality are replaced with propaganda, truly Orwellian “fake news?”

Paolo Maffei


Where is justice? There is no justice

To the Editor:

A letter by Ed Evans, published Aug. 23 is right, there is no justice.

Make me warden for a day and I will have all 750 death row cells empty by the end of that day. This is real justice.

And here is how I would handle capital crimes — when a man is convicted, immediately drag him down into the courthouse basement and shoot him between the eyes. This is justice — quick and fair justice.

No more last meal, endless appeals, etc. ad nauseam. The victim’s family will finally get what they deserve — true justice with closure. And the crime rate will soon plummet — thus saving many lives — guaranteed — do I hear a yay?

These killers didn’t give their victims a last meal or appeals did they? Well, did they? God is right — an eye for an eye is justice.

Down with liberal judges, they’re killing us. And our streets are full of gangs. Enough. Don’t get me started.

Doug Gravelle