Corporate greed

To the Editor:

Come on, fellow Sonorans, let’s not desert our local markets that have served us faithfully by giving us great service, fair prices and fantastic sales over the past years. I don’t think anyone wants to see any employee lay-offs or hours cut from dedicated employees. I certainly don’t.

Let’s be loyal to our own and not be taken in by corporate greed.

A word to the wise is sufficient, check your prices, check your price. Nuff said.

ML Davies


Sore losers show their stuff

To the Editor:

Thanks for all the responses to my letter of Nov. 11, "We have a winner."

It is true, I do not feel your pain or angst. Regarding the response to my traditional victory leap — I am still running. Woohoo!

By the way, Trump won by 57 percent in Tuolumne County and 59 percent in Calaveras County; McClintock won Congressional District 4 with 62 percent; Bigelow won Assembly District 5 with 65 percent. Interestingly, local Democrat candidates were doing very well on election day, until all the Republicans got off work.

Republicans also retained control of the Senate and House, plus gained three governors.

Of course, Trump lost California due to the creepy, sanctimonious worship of Clinton all along the coast. Nonetheless, middle America and other states saved the day, so those on the winning side are able to experience the joys of bathing in the sweet, sweet tears of California and New York's bawling progressives.

The most observable post-election irony comes from the mean streets of American cities, liberal urban sinecures where Clinton/Obama voters riot and vandalize in the wake of defeat, validating the worst about the American Left; first arrogant winners, now sore losers at every turn.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton was all about rescuing an exceptional nation that has been badly damaged and degraded by eight years of far left individuals who dislike and disrespect the virtues of this unique nation.

Therefore, the Socialist/Communist experiment is over! The PC Police who handcuffed everything in our lives, is over!

Things are already looking up for America.

Ray Anderson