Community responsible for helping the homeless

The homeless situation in Tuolumne County is never going to get better, only worse, unless … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 1, 2019

Officials share blame To the Editor: Gov. Brown, who supports and promotes illegal immigration, should … Read more

BODIFORD: We need a plan that respects our quality of life

At a meeting on the new General Plan, public comments largely recognized the plan’s emphasis … Read more

RODGERS: Knowledge — Seeking the wisdom, courage to use it effectively

The scientific knowledge on what causes wildfires to spread so rapidly and burn so intensively … Read more

A life of service to the betterment of our community

“It has been a pleasure.” That was Craig Pedro’s humble and low-key parting message to … Read more

BEIL: Paradise lost — What can this community learn?

The tragedy of the Camp Fire in Butte County must give us pause because it … Read more

EDITORIAL: On negotiations and decisions

When negotiations fail It is a sad state of affairs when the faculty of two … Read more

EDITORIAL: For the holidays, here’s to all the good things

This is the Thanksgiving weekend edition of Bravos and Barbs, which means it’s all about … Read more

It has been a great run

In July 1976, my wife, Nancy, who was pregnant with our first child, Erica, and … Read more

Watershed is a box of matches

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the people found out how low they were on … Read more

Election 2018 brings new faces

This looks like it could be the year of the anti-incumbent on both the Tuolumne … Read more

EDITORIAL - Despite hectic election, readers search for brighter side

In another time, when journalists did not have all sorts of information at their fingertips, … Read more

EDITORIAL — Just vote

By now, you’ve likely been barraged by mailers and television ads and people hanging flyers … Read more

EDITORIAL - Angels Camp finds a surefire economic development idea

Angels Camp is a little city with a big — and good — idea. The … Read more

Tragedies often awaken our desire to make a difference

Four years ago, my world stopped. My calendar didn’t get changed or updated for months. … Read more

Think about what’s best for the students too

I took a couple classes at Columbia College during high school, but this is my … Read more

Economy approaching dangerous territory

By Marvin Keshner

Our economy is a tale of two cities. On the good side, the national unemployment … Read more

EDITORIAL: A new editorial page

Today is the last day we will publish election-related letters to the editor. It’s been … Read more

CNVC turns 40

This year marks Center For A Non Violent Community’s 40th anniversary supporting survivors of domestic … Read more

EDITORIAL - Taking a look at downtown Sonora

A sad saga There is no one villain in the saga of the Sonora Armory, … Read more

On training, cleaning up, Santa and heroes

Bravos To the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office for funding certification of all its dispatchers to … Read more

A note about elections and the Opinion Page

Now that we’re in the last two months of this contentious election season, The Union … Read more

Social justice vs. social injustice

Poverty, world hunger, human trafficking, and even lack of education. These are all issues that … Read more

What we value shows who we are

Bravos To the Tuolumne County Counsel’s office for navigating the minefield of balancing the public’s … Read more

Our vote is our voice

Last year, a group of local citizens began working to increase voter turnout in Tuolumne … Read more

On working together for a better future

Bravos To the U.S. Forest Service for realizing that the answer to deadly wildfires can … Read more

Is TCEDA for economic development or business coaching?

The public forum on the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority on Aug. 8 was a … Read more

EDITORIAL — Our story needs to be told

Journalists are not particularly good at telling their own stories. They watch and think and … Read more

Rural water use: Why watering matters

There’s an old saying — if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. … Read more

On public service, resilience and doing the right thing

Bravos To the school leaders who are retiring this summer at Sonora, Summerville, Big Oak … Read more

EDITORIAL — Moving forward on economic development

The uproar over the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority has unnecessarily turned into an ugly … Read more

Go to this meeting

Rarely is a meeting more important than one taking place on Wednesday evening. That’s when … Read more

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