By Anaiah Kirk

The current District 3 Supervisor, Evan Royce, took the unprecedented step of publishing an opinion piece in the guest column directly attacking me. According to recently filed reports, Evan made the largest non-family financial contribution in this election to his former campaign manager. Isn’t it a basic conflict of interest to use his position of power to gain access to the guest column to blast away at someone opposing his candidate?

I was invited to a meeting to plan Evan’s campaign for a third term in office. He planned to run, win and be in office again, all while continuing to operate his very successful construction business. There was no mention of being overworked by his day job or needing more time for family. At the meeting, he actively promoted marijuana cultivation and worked hard to convince people that it would be good for this county. Feeling that is just wrong, I openly challenged Evan. Commercial marijuana is an addiction for profit industry that we don’t need in this county. It will ruin our quality of life in so many ways (see the Fine Print at

After that meeting, I decided something had to be done to stop this train wreck from happening. After long discussions with my family, work, church and friends, I took out papers to run for supervisor. Within a few weeks, Evan announced he was dropping out of the race. He then proceeded to contact other people to run against me; eventually his former campaign manager ran.

Evan’s attack is about deflecting the marijuana discussion. The majority of people I’ve talked to in District 3 don’t want commercial marijuana operations. They don’t want to see the county go down the road Calaveras County went down. They know people in places like Colorado, Oregon and Calaveras County who are sick of what is happening there. They want to see our great quality of life preserved. I’m the only candidate you can depend on, without a doubt, to defend our quality of life.

For me, the District 3 Supervisor race is about who will lead? Who will fact-find and dig into every important decision? Who is not bound by a supervisor’s paycheck or any special interest group? Who is willing to ask tough questions? Who will be transparent? Who can unite the generations to work together to overcome problems government cannot? Who represents the next generation of leadership rising? Who is the only person to publicly say absolutely no to commercial marijuana in Tuolumne County before running for office? To all these questions, I say I have, I am and I will.

My wife Aimee has something to say to Evan since he decided to include my family in politics: “I can assure you when making decisions for our family, we most certainly look at all facets before we jump into anything. Our decision to run for supervisor is a sacrifice we are willing to make to keep good people making sound decisions on this board. Just like we make sacrifices to serve at our church and at the school where I work to serve others. It’s just what we do and maybe some people including you don’t understand it. When you have put God first in your life, have a desire to serve others and have a strong supporting family at home, I believe you can accomplish anything. It’s funny that you’re so worried about us and thank you, but really, we’ve got this!”

Anaiah Kirk is running for District 3 supervisor.