By Ann Leonard

There is no such thing as an illegal child. There is no such thing as an alien child. Every child is precious, wherever it is born, wanted or not wanted.

We are the richest country on earth so there is no reason that any child or any human being for that matter should go to bed hungry or without shelter.

Nor should any child in our country be deprived of an education regardless of whether that child’s parents are poor or whether they were brought into this country illegally by parents desperate to make a life for their children.

And contrary to the fake news put out by our twittering president, immigrants have a lower crime rate than native born citizens. And do Dreamers have more rights than native-born citizens? No they do not. In fact, not only do they have fewer rights than the native born, they live in constant fear that they will see their parents deported or that, under Trump, they themselves will be deported.

So those who think children can be illegal should read what is said on our Statue of Liberty, or read Shylock’s plea in Shakespeare or better yet, spend more time reading their Bible.

And apart from the moral issues involved in deporting the Dreamers, there will be financial issues as well if Dreamers are deported, according to Nancy Altman, president of the Social Security Works, immigrants both documented and undocumented, provide a large portion of our social security reserves.

Dreamers are teachers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and serve in our armed forces. If Dreamers are evicted, the Social Security coffers will lose $75 trillion dollars in its projected funding.

And in less than 20 years, it will have only two workers supporting people drawing benefits. Right now it has three workers supporting those of us who are dependent on Social Security and in 1960 there were five workers to each person on Social Security.

So, if you or your family are now drawing benefits or if you ever hope to retire, you better hope and pray that those Dreamers remain in the country and that we keep a liberal immigration policy.

Ann Leonard lives in Sonora.