Trump’s Legacy

To the Editor:

History is full of characters who have paraded through the ages in love with themselves and believing they are the chosen one who can do no wrong and justify any action as righteous and necessary. No matter what critics may say, the narcissist knows better, because he is better, at least in his mind.

From Roman emperors to modern times with the likes of a Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or a President Nixon, the one thing they had in common was their belief that this was their time in history, that the power they possessed, gave them the undeniable right to have their way. Nothing like laws or institutions of decency and morality need get in their way. They knew what’s best for their country because that is what and how they saw things. Damn any opposition or reason.

Other prominent individuals throughout time saw their place at their moment in history as an obligation to create something, or contribute their talents to their society, to mankind. Thus we honor and revere Lincoln, Gandhi, Jefferson, Washington, Martin Luther King and others of world history who strove to leave civilization improved and moving forward.

How sad that since the founding of this nation, and under mostly honest, sometimes flawed, sometimes visionary presidential leadership, that we have regressed under this President Trump’s reign. The recent events of corruption, of a complete lack of a knowledge of right from wrong, has denigrated this nation through his actions and that of those who have chosen to support and excuse his behavior and actions.

Lyrics from a Jimmy Hendrix song in part carried these words: “And so castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually”.

The tide is coming in President Trump.

Wayne Kirkbride

Twain Harte

Suggestions for defensible space

To the Editor:

While driving through the neighborhoods in our county, I have noticed that some homeowners have created a defensible space around their property, The land around their homes is cleared of grass and brush and their trees have been trimmed.

However, there are other properties that have not been cleared. Perhaps the owners of those properties live out of town, or even out of state, and do not understand the necessity of clearing grass and brush or of trimming low hanging branches.

It is discouraging to those of us homeowners who make an effort to keep our property safe and yet must live next to yards covered with tall, dry, flammable, grass, and shrubs.

Would it be possible for the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors to pass ordinances that:

Define the requirements for defensible space

Require homeowners to implement defensible space within one year, by cutting grass to six feet and limb trees to 10 feet, or the county will create the defensible space and bill them.

Give homeowners the right to cross property boundaries within 100 feet of their homes and implement defensible space at their cost.

Enlist people who are sentenced to community service to join teams that clear grass and brush and limb trees to lower the cost of the work.

Susan Thoms

Mi Wuk Village

Forest mismanagement

To the Editor:

When you pay or try to obtain fire insurance be sure and thank CSERC and all the rest of the Greenies for high cost of protection.

Stopping most logging to protect spotted owls and promote overgrown forests.

Cutting grazing in half to stop cows from stepping on frogs of fish and saving brush fields from extinction.

Promoting wild and scenic rivers so no fire equipment can be used near rivers or retardant dropped close by.

Stopped drafting of water from rivers or creeks without first checking for endangered species.

Fighting the construction of new or maintaining of existing roads which help in controlling fire.

Picketing of PG&E contractors when they go to cut hazard trees around power lines.

Needing an ARCHY with the cat boss so they don’t run over an old miners ditch or 50 year old Lucky Lager beer can.

This kind of explains mismanagement of the forest the last 50 years. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses. On the bright side the Breen Bats, Bay Area Transplants, won’t have so much money to donate to these groups after they pay for their fire insurance.

Tom Gookin


Let’s get the facts

To the Editor:

I understand the concept of not rushing to judgment in Donald Trump’s latest apparent abuse of power regarding Ukrainian election interference. So why are Republicans so quick to shout “innocent?”

Gary Linehan


Sad to see theater end its run

To the Editor:

I noted with sadness the demise of the Stage 3 Theater (“Sonora Theater Shuttered for Good,” Union Democrat, September 28, 2019). Besides presenting challenging, edgy material, rather than feel-good standards; Stage 3 also supported local musicians by offering them an opportunity to perform prior to the show each night. I will remember Stage 3 both for their progressive approach to theater and for their support of us local musicians.

Sean Brennan


What are we thinking?

To the Editor:

This is what Donald J. Trump brings to the table.

If I’ve forgotten something please let me know. If you don’t agree also let me know which ones don’t apply.

1. Narcissist

2. Pathological Liar

3. Racist

4. Philanderer

5. Draft Dodger

6. Cheater

7. Con Man

8. Surrounds himself with the same kinds of people

9. Hypocrite

10. Crook, heck he was born one. Honed hs craft while in real estate

11. Alienated most of our allies

12. Has picked up some new ones — Kim Jung Un, V. Putin, Xi Jinping

13. Think about all of the above

The thing is we need the Republican Party for our Democracy to continue! We need to agree, disagree and debate. How can this happen with the DJT Party? This country, the world deserve better.

I just hope the damage that he’s created within our country and the world can be fixed. We”re possibly experiencing the end of our democracy. We all better get the message. Go look in the mirror, is this the person we told our kids, grandkids and great-grandkids that we supported?

Doesn’t make a difference what side of the fence you’re on. Common sense should prevail.

John Linderman

Twain Harte

What could happen

To the Editor:

So here’s the scenario (imaginary, but possible). Things heat up between Russia and Ukraine. President Zelensky asks his buddy Don for a “favor.” Tell Russia to back off. Don understandably demurs. Zelensky reminds him of his help with the Biden matter. Would Zelensky be requesting the return of a favor, or would he be blackmailing Trump threatening to reveal Trump’s earlier request if he doesn’t help? Either way Don is in a bind. Confronting Russia is a problem, potentially a very big one. Stiffing Zelensky presents others. What’s a president to do?

Of course, Trump’s solicitation of campaign help from Zelensky is a violation of his oath of office and the Constitution. And it undermines the American position in this very dangerous world we live in. Trump should obviously be removed from office (long overdue given his many violations of American laws and humanitarian standards). There are, however, at least two problems.

One, Trump will not go quietly. He will mobilize his supporters on his behalf, and, given their desperation at the destruction of their lives by corporate capitalist greed, and seeing their imagined savior threatened, things could get very ugly. Secondly, Republican Senatorial allegiance might prevent impeachment conviction (though it would destroy the credibility of the Republican Party, no small accomplishment). Much ado, but not about nothing.

As I see it, one benefit of impeachment (as with Watergate) will be that we the American people will have both the opportunity and the requirement to discuss and address the monumental issues before us, and clarify what we believe in and stand for. That might enable us to become great, perhaps for the first time.

Phil Nichols